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Hi I’m Shren from Chennai to say about me, I’m 23,well built good body, with 6.1 ft good height, handsome guy, it happened last month, it’s a unexpected incident, as I have traveled in bus ,and got down in a stop, there I have called my friend as I’m in a condition to need money ,I have asked my friend for 5k,as I need it urgently, but he have given negative response, as i was speaking a good looking aunty stared at me for long time. English sex stories from ONSporn

And I’m sure she have heard what I have spoken with my friend ,so she came near me and told, that she needs some office work to b finished in my home so if u help me I will give you more money than your expectation, no other way I’m in need of money ,so I accepted her offer, she called the auto and then we reached her house ,her name is Rekha, me and Rekha went inside her house, its really great, it’s a big individual bungalow type house, I just asked about herself, she replied ,she got married recently and her husband is very rich business man in Singapore,

I’m lonely in my house as her husband wil return here once in a month, I just asked her why she is going for work then, she told it’s her friend’s office ,she needs my help in her business ,so I just go office for few hours daily, Rekha is well structured and somewhat fat looking, very fair, she got very long shining hair, got silky milky big breast, her buts is very big, will look like a small elephant but, but surely I’m telling ,she is vey gorgeous ,she is 29 now, and coming to the part ,I have asked her ,what’s my work, I told I have to go to my room ,she asked me does your staying in a room,

I replied yes, it’s Friday evening, and she asked me ,what I’m doing, I replied I’m working in a bpo ,night shift, she told to inform my office that I won’t come today, but I refused ,and she told she will give me 7 times the money I have expected, I’m really happy, but she told this money is for today ,if u accept for Saturday and Sunday ,I will give u the money for each day ,and I will get 21 times my expected money, so I’m very glad, so I have accepted ,she told to stay here till Monday morning, I have accepted, then i asked ,what type of work,

As i know typing ,she replied actually u need to work for two ,one is mine ,another is my friend Neethu, and Rekha asked me to take bath, I have asked why i need ,she told u got lot of sweating and so I agreed and i have taken bath ,Rekha given me towel ,and lungi ,i wrapped up, she told oh wow ,u got a great body man, you’re looking like a superhero, I told thank u, then she gave me a t.shirt, I worked it, then I asked her what’s the work, she told wait here and given me a hot cup of badam milk, tasted good, I said thanks ,she said to follow her. English sex stories from ONSporn

She have taken me to her bedroom, and called her friend, Neethu arrives there within 10 mins, and they told we will take bath and come just log on the system and asked to open a specific folder in that drive and they went to take bath, I was shocked ,the folder is full of porn movies and pics, and i try to come out of the room ,but the locked the room, but I have watched porn movies a long before, and I have masturbated since four years, my dick automatically got raised, i got 10 size dick, naturally very big, then after a few mins.

Both opened the door ,and told ,so now u would have understood what work we said, to tell about Neethu, she got long curly hair ,with big breast and big buts, both equally looked of same size, I told that  I don’t have this type of desire before, etc. they told man it’s the stage to enjoy ,common, see your lucky your been paid good, also you’re going to enjoy us till Monday morning, I hesitantly nodding the heads at that time Rekha pulled my lungi down, and raised my t shirt my penis started to become stiff strong, they were amazed and told wow, you got a big dick, and told I’m going to unload all your juices,

And Neethu asked to carry her to bed, I lost my control, I carried Neethu with my two hands, she was really heavy but looked very sexy ,and put her on bed ,within no time all three were nude, Rekha took a belt in her hands ,and asked me to suck her clit and pussy since it’s my first time I felt fear, and my dick was madly sucked by Neethu and I licked Rekha’s pussy slowly, she used her belt and made a shot on my buttocks I felt hell of pain on my buttock and started licking her fastly,I got immense pleasure as my cock have been in sucking by Neethu, I plunged my action and bite Rekha’s pussy,

I have started to finger her heavily, now I have carried Neethu and buried by face between her clits and both of her legs on my shoulder and rekha sucking my cock madly I was in joy then I have squeezed both of their breast, and Rekha told Neethu is a widow she dint have sex in her life, so asked me to lie down on bed and Neethu came over me, sat on my waist and pulled my cock into her pussy slowly, she was screamed with joy, cried in tears, and slowly y it went in, Rekha told to give a big blow, then I inserted with big blow ,Neethu cried with a big noise, blood came ,she then cleaned English sex stories from ONSporn

And then riding my cock like a wild horse I cant control and plashed my cum heavily ,both were shocked I have shoot tons on semen ,nearly a big part came out, I got tired ,now Rekha told to carry her on my shoulder ,I carried her ,then Neethu bought some chocolate and inserted into it ,and they both enjoyed sucking my cock, then we had dinner ,and we have two sessions of fucking, that night, for another two days completely we al had sex in diff position and it almost Monday morning I need to go, they both got my number, whenever we got chance we had sex they both given me a large amount of joy and money,

Rekha told your next husband, Neethu cried and told you my master and after a few months Neethu and Rekha got pregnant, and Rekha told others that she planned for a test tube baby, they called me and told man you’re the father of two child in future, I was happy. English sex stories from ONSporn

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