Radha, A Shy Virgin Tamil Girl (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Hi All, I prefer calling myself as Max(29years), i am working for an international banking corporation in one of its main offices in chennai. Radha(24years) she is a software professional working for a multinational company in bangalore, we met through an social networking website and became friends and started chatting on a regular basis and over a period of time we became good friends. English sex stories from ONSporn

we used to talk a lot about anything under the sun and over a period of time our talks moved about relations, i understood she was never been into any relations before and she learned that i had a couple of girl friends in the past. Through chat she inquired about my past relations and how close i was with my ex-gfs and all, and i being so close to her i told the truth i was having a very intimate relation with my ex-gfs. since she came from a very orthodox family she cant imagine how ppl can have sex b4 marriage and i told her that it commonly happens and she didnt believe at first. in order to find the truth she asked me questions on how relation took place at first and when and how the intimacy happened actually and since me telling her the truth she cant neither agree nor disagree but somewhat she was excited and she wanted to know exacly what happened during intimacy. English sex stories from ONSporn

i told her that may be after work hours i can chat in detail abt what happened and she stayed at her office late and we chatted long hours that day on me explaining her on how i made my moves with my ex-gfs, this kinda talks continued for 3 days which had made her go crazy and she started enjoying to listening to chats about sex. i asked her, do you like the way we chatted and she said yes. i asked her whether she would like to listen to me if i narrate an imaginary event that happened between us and she was little hesitant and said u narrate but i wont reply continuously and i started narrating her on how ll i make love to her, this made her really turned on and she was very excited and we chatted like this for several weeks and soon she started respond that she is getting hot and hot and she feels she must experience sex sooner, then i asked her to meet in person, she was reluctant and upon several chats she finally agreed, and i told her to have a plan as i ll meet her in bangalore on a friday evening, so that she can leave her PG and come with me stay in the hotel till monday morning and she agreed. i made my travel in my own car and booked a suite in a fantastic luxury start hotel and met her on friday evening our side her workplace.

i called her and told her that i am waiting for her outside her office premises in my car and told her the car identifications, i am seeing her in person for the very 1st time, she is wheatish in color, a typical tamil gal dressed in salwar kameez. she was looking nervous and i asked her to board inside the car and she came in, we were silent for a couple of minutes and i asked her about her days work and how things are going and she said all are fine, i could see that she is completely nervous, then i told her that, if she is not willing to do anything i am not going to force her do anything but i asked her to give me company for the 2 days or i ll die out of boredom, and i told her that the suite i booked comprises of 2 individual bedroom sections so she can sleep alone if she prefers and that seems to convince her better. we drove near her PG and she asked me to wait in the near by Coffee Day while she packs and returns. i waited for almost 40mins when she returned with a travel bag and we together had coffee and muffins and we left to the hotel. it was almost 7pm and the bangalore chillness started to hit me.

after reaching the hotel we checked in and i asked her to feel herself at home. she was again little nervous. i had handed over her a package gift wrapped. she asked what and i told her to see herself, it was a beautiful black colored salwar kameez,( i know black is her fav color) she was so happy to see her fav color dress and i asked her to change and come in the dress, she went in and changed herself and came, it was almost a perfect fit ( its my luck to have chosen right size for her) she was so happy and i said she looks gorgeous. her face turns red in shyness. i went close to her and held her hands and looked into her face and hugged her. she was shocked on how to respond but she didnt resist my hugging. i caressed her back and elbow and relaxed her. i dont want to hurry so soon which might spoil everything, so i decided to take it slowly and we separated and i asked her about dinner and we decided to order it from our suite itself instead of having it in restaurant, i asked her whether she likes to have any drinks and she was like yuck. so i ordered just the dinner and turned on the tv and kept the music channel and i sat next to her and started asking her about how to spend tomorrows time outside and started planning on where all we can go. we shortlisted a couple of places and finally agreed the dinner arrived. English sex stories from ONSporn

around 9pm we finished the dinner and were sitting in the balcony and chatting teasing time was up around 11pm and decided its late. we came and i changed to my shorts in front of her from my jeans and she was like why u r not going inside and changing and i said whats there to hide and she went inside the next room and changed herself to night-pants and t-shirts and came she look at me and i looked at her, i went to her and hugged her. this time it was a bit closer and intimate, and i started caressing her back and rolled my hands over. she was just hugging me but neither respond nor resist my advances, so i decided to go ahead and i felt her bra and panties were still on her. i started smooching her neck while caressing her back and now i started advancing my hands to her ass. now i can feel that she is gripping her hug little tighter. i continued to smooch for a few minuted and i planted a kiss in her forehead then her eyes the her cheeks and her chins, i could see her eyes were close, i slowly brushed my lips on to her and she was getting excited, now i planted a soft kiss on her lips and waiting for her response and slowly started to press her lips against mine, i parted her lips with mine and inserted my tongue inside her and kissing her hard and we kissed for several minutes standing next to the bed itself.

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