First Time unplanned Sex (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Hi all. I am ash, now 30-year-old married man in Mysore, basically from Calicut, Kerala. Unless all the other stories, the hero in this story, myself, is not a handsome figure, but looking not so bad.

My skin is not fair, but the two blessings I have with me is my tongue and my sex tool. With both that, I had many chances to play with many females. I will go through all of my experiences one by one in separate stories. The first and the thrilling experience in my life was when I was very young. It was with a girl two years younger to me. English sex stories from ONSporn

She used to come to our house occasionally for casual visits. She was a short, but good looking fair girl. Her boobs were like the buds of lotus, good shaped. Her hips when she wears midi was like the central part of a mridangam and while she is walking, the rhythm of her butts will definitely make anybody aroused. The lower legs were covered with thin hairs but was very tender and looking at itself was making me aroused. I used to masturbate supposing her in my mind. Many times I thought of teasing her, but did not have the guts to do. I was badly in need of kissing her well bulged cheeks but again, I was afraid to do so. As the time goes on, I got some hints from her that she is also interested in knowing what is sex and to experience the sex. so, I started touching her body whenever I get a chance and I was getting satisfaction through that. Later on,

I thought of once pressing her boobs and i was waiting for a chance. While this time, I was purposefully creating scenes to touch her body and caress her body parts. At last my day came up. One day, I was alone at home. Without know this, the heroin came into my house and asked whether nobody is there and I told they are there inside the house. She entered the house and directly went to the kitchen of my big house. After seeing inside, she told me nobody is there and I was sitting in the porch. From there, I told her I am coming there, wait. When I going inside, I saw she is coming against me. Without thinking anything else, I went ahead and hugged her. She tried to move away, but I was holding her tight and by this time, I started kissing her on her lips and cheeks alternatively. Actually, I was in a dilemma what to do since it was my first experience. She was trying to make me free her and resisting on my acts and I was holding her tight. By this time, I started pressing her boobs and kissing on it. I was a heavenly experience for me, my first boob pressing. I was doing something and all on her boobs. It was so soft, and I got one of her nipple in my mouth. I started chewing it and taking whole her bosom into my mouth and chucking them. My penis was touching somewhere in her body and I was rubbing it against her thighs, abdomen and so on. I lost my control and ejaculated on my trousers. By this time, she was tired with, my be because of her hurry resistance to keep me away or because of pre-orgasm. I too was tired a bit, still I was not speaking anything but panting and she is telling me “leave me, leave me.” Now she is not resisting and rather somewhat cooperating with me. I continued to kiss her on all over her body and kept my right hand on her buttocks. She was giggling and again started telling me “leave me.” Now I pulled more close to me and started pressing both of buttocks and she was jumping up and down when I was doing so. I kissed her for a long time, chewing her lips and taking her tongue into my mouth. She was not refusing anything now. Slowly when I started to lift her midi up, she hold on it and told no. And she told that she will tell it to my mother and her mother. English sex stories from ONSporn

All my courage was gone. I was about to cry and I told her please do not. She was sure that she will tell it. I was thinking what to do. Now we are standing separate in the hall. she asked my on what courage I did like that and she do not know what I was doing to her. She asked me to explain what I was doing with her or she will tell it to my and her parents. Now I got she is going to blackmail me for more but showing she is resisting. I asked her she can ask me whatever she wants to know, I am ready to explain her. After promising it, she asked me to show something. She means my penis but as if I don’t know about it, I showed her my hands. She asked something else, I showed her legs. She told not that, I showed something else like that, other than my penis. Then I asked what she needs to see and she pointed at my dick. I told her she can open and see it and she was resisting. At last I told her I will close my eyes and she can open my lungee and see it. After an ejaculation also, it was erected like anything. She refused fist and after making sure I am keeping my eyes closed, she opened my lungee. My dick was covered with semen and droplets were coming out of it. I slightly opened the eyes and watching all her activities. She hold it in her hands and wiped it with my lungee. It was again getting erected and now became like a iron rod. She was the first female fondling my dick.

It was very tough for me to stand in front of her like that while she is fondling my dick. I asked her to come to the bedroom where I lied in my bed and asked her to do whatever she want. Still it is rock-hard and she sat on the bed and started playing with it, asked me to keep my eyes closed. I was seeing everything through, still told her keeping my eyes closed. She need to take my dick in her mouth, she tried to do it many times but maybe because of the smell or may be because of the first time, he is a bit hesitant to do. I did not force her to do anything. At last, she just licked the tip once, and two or three more times she did like that and all of a sudden took it in her mouth fully. I got a feeling of electric shock through my body and a kind of giggliness. My hands automatically move to her head and hold on her hairs tightly. She was now taking my dick in and out of mouth hold it with one of her hand and the balls with the other hand. It was a heavenly feeling. Once again, I was losing control but I don’t know what to do. I hold her tight and spurt into her mouth. She was not knowing it first but then she removed my dick from her mouth and told me something is there in her mouth.

I told her to spit it out, but she told no. She gulped it fully and started playing with my balls. By this time, my tool was limp and I was tired. I slowly pulled her over me and started kissing her on her forehead, cheeks lips and all. By this time, all her shyness and fear went away. I slowly place her in bed and went over her. Started my kissing through. I asked her to remove her shirts and without her permission I did it and removed her chemise too. It was a marvelous seen for me. Her two boobs are much more bigger than what I could see over the dress. Without losing a minute I started caressing them and taking into my mouth the whole breasts and nipples alternatively by playing the other with my hands. She was moaning and jerking. She was giggling and I could see sudden movements on her whole body. I think that was orgasm. She was pressing my head hard to her boobs and I was sucking it alternatively. The smell of her body, sweat and softness everything made me mad. I was losing control and moreover I was not knowing what are more things to do. My hands went down to her naval area, unbuttoned her midi and took it out through her legs. Now she is on her panty. I could see some kind of stains in front of it, may be from menses and wetness in that stain. I bit her cunt through her panty. She was crying a kind of with pleasure and pressing my head to her cunt. I was in a hurry to see the cunt. I removed her old panty. The fist time seeing the cunt of a major female. English sex stories from ONSporn

There were coppery hairs growing up around her pussy. I took those hairs in my mouth. Her cunt was wet and the smell was not good, also the taste, but it was not a time to think about the taste or smell of the cunt. I was like a hungry man for many days getting food. I kissed on it and tried to spread her thighs. She was resisting and slowly spread the legs. I continued kissing on the pussy and now labia are in my mouth. I munched it and felt something oozing out of her cunt. Even though the taste was urine salty, I swallowed that. No I got in mouth her clit. It was very small (compared to my later experiences) and started munching it too. She was now in a kind of semiconscious state, moaning, lightly crying and pressing my head against her cunt. She was enjoying it in that state also. Then, I bent both the knees up and could get a good view of the cunt, the wonderful lotus with pinkish and reddish brown lips. I tried to put my fingers insider but was very tough and she was crying with pain. Then I made the attempt with my tongue and it was successful to an extend. Now, I am an expert in sex, doing sucking the cunt and clit and at the time caressing the boobs, patting on the butts, circling the anus, doing everything together. she was in heaven. Since she was a virgin, I did not try to put my penis in, rather I touched the walls of vagina with my by then iron rod penis.

After the first sex experience we were tired and lied there for some more timing kissing on the bed and hugging together even it was very hot and sweaty. Before leaving once again, she took my dick in her mouth and did a blow job. I ejaculated once again and I was wondering whether she is an expert in blow job at this age. Then, I came to a conclusion, nobody teaches the newborn baby to suck the breasts of its mom. As neighbors, we got lot more chances to fuck and suck and enjoy until her marriage after years. Still we are keeping in touch. Now in Mysore, I am leading a happy married life. I had many sexual encounters, most of them unplanned. Definitely, I will be back once if come to know you all enjoyed the story. English sex stories from ONSporn

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