Feels Like the First Time – 1 (English sex stories from ONSporn)


Brent and Chelsea get to know each other. English sex stories from ONSporn

There I was early 1980’s, 20 years old and a virgin. Worse, I’d really never had a regular girlfriend. I’d missed the fumbling, high school figure it all out moments. I was a late bloomer, kind of short and skinny. I played sports, listened to music, but I wasn’t interested in girls. More out of shyness than anything. There were whispers in my group of friends, “maybe Brent is gay?” I wasn’t. I certainly did my share of masturbating to Playboy magazines and pondered what was under those halter tops I saw around the neighborhood. But through most of my teens I also wasn’t the guy the girls would be attracted to. Then one Saturday my parents were going to an event at their friends’ club. Now this wasn’t some kind of fancy thing, not where we came from, but I had nothing better to do and they did mention that their friends’ daughter Chelsea would be there.

‘You know, she’s real cute now.’

Last time I’d seen Chelsea was at a pool party at their house when we were just kids. So all I had to go on was my parent’s definition of cute. What the hell, I had nothing to lose. These would be people who didn’t know me well, and over the past two years I’d filled out. I’d grown into a decent looking guy, I thought. 5-11, 170 pounds, longish, wavy dark brown hair and now filled out some from working summer jobs lifting boxes. It could be fun.

When we got there, Chelsea was already there with her parents. My folks weren’t kidding, their friends’ daughter was cute. Wavy light brown hair, a big smile. She was about 5-3 and from what I could see had a nice figure. We said hello and we mutually decided to hang out and let the older people do their thing. She’d just graduated high school. I casually asked how old she was.

“17. But I’ll be 18 in a few months. And you?”

“I’m 20, I’ve just started working a job in the city. Basic office stuff.” We continued on in this way. We learned we had similar taste in music, laughed at some of the same dumb movies. I asked, “Why did you come to this thing? You must have something better to do on a Saturday night?”

“I’m kind of grounded. My Mom caught me with a guy over at the house. We weren’t doing anything THAT bad, but she freaked out. So they didn’t want to leave me at home while they’re out late. Mom said maybe I’d meet a nice guy. Maybe I will. How about you?”

“I didn’t really have anything special going on. My Mom said their friends have a cute daughter.”

“Do they?”

“Yeah, I think so”, I replied with a smile. After talking awhile I suggested we go outside for fresh air. There was too much cigarette smoke inside for me.

“OK, let me tell my Mom we’re taking a walk around the block.” Her Mom was ok, since it was me. I guess I was considered safe. We had a nice night, walking, talking. I tentatively took her hand. Her smile was infectious. I didn’t know whether to try kissing her or not. I decided no. She may have been disappointed. Later before the event was clearing out she told me that the parents were all going out in two weeks but that she would be babysitting her young cousin; would I like to come hang out? Of course I said yes.

Two weeks later we were at her aunt’s house. The parents, aunt and uncle were going out to a party. About 8:00 Chelsea put her cousin upstairs to sleep. Now it was just the two of us. She sat next to me and after a few minutes leaned in for a kiss. I awkwardly returned her kiss. She looked at me, then we got back to it. After awhile she said, “You haven’t done this much, have you?” I stumbled a bit, tried to deny the obvious and really felt completely embarrassed. English sex stories from ONSporn

“It’s ok Brent. Most guys are all over me in five minutes. It’s kind of nice to go slow.” I guess it was a compliment. At least she wasn’t ready to kick me out. We began making out again and hopefully I was doing better. She straddled me to get a better angle and we continued in this way on and off for awhile. Noting that it was getting later and no doubt feeling my discomfort in my jeans, she said, “We don’t have a lot of time left. But you feel like you’re going to hurt yourself down there. Let me help.”

Chelsea sat alongside me and unbuckled my jeans and pulled down the zipper. I stared in disbelief. My cock was hard and throbbing. She slid my jeans down a bit and rubbed her hand over the outline in my underwear. “Mmm, nice.” She was being encouraging. I’m not huge, just average. She reached in and pulled my cock out of my shorts. It stood proudly. This was the first time a girl had held me this way. Chelsea began stroking my hard cock.

“I like it. It’s a nice one. Just relax.” Stroking, rubbing her thumb over the head. Spreading precum. “Pull up your shirt, in case.” I did.

I knew this wouldn’t take long if she kept going. “Nice body Brent.” She ran a hand over my abs, my chest, felt me tense.

She asked, “Are you getting close?”

“Yes. It feels so good. Getting there. Soon” She gripped my cock tighter, then increased her stroking. Faster, faster. Then, “Keep going, NOW.”

I shot straight up in the air. It landed on my cock, her hand. She kept going. Another spurt, this she aimed at my chest. A third hit my stomach. Then a couple more smaller, running over her hand. She squeezed, pumped the last drops out and say back to look at a job well done.

“Wow, that was a lot. Cool. Let me get a towel for you.” But first she licked her hand. “Tastes pretty good Brent.”

We cleaned up, put my clothes back together, then held each other. I wasn’t sure what to say. Thanks? Nice hand job? You’re good at that? “It’s been fun hanging out with you. Maybe a movie next week?”

“Yeah I’d like that.”

Went went to a couple of movies over the next two weeks. We didn’t live too close so I was driving over and getting home late, which was tough on work nights. But still once a week became both nights on weekends, and a weeknight. Our making out became a little more adventurous on my part, maybe not enough for her liking, but I couldn’t do anything but take it slow. I was afraid to go too far. She did give me another hand job while sitting out on their back deck. Then one Wednesday night I was sitting in my car in their driveway, ready to go home, when Chelsea ran back out. I rolled down the window.

“The parents went upstairs. I have a few more minutes.” She leaned her head in the window and began kissing me. Then she looked quickly up and down the block. “Take it out. Hurry!” I hesitated, wanting to be absolutely sure I heard right. She put her mouth right against my ear. “Take your cock out.” That I heard. I quickly fumbled through opening my jeans. Chelsea reached in and began jerking me off fast while burying her tongue in my mouth. I was just short of hyperventilating. She jerked me just short of pulling it off.

“I’m gonna cum.”

She leaned back, looked at me, smiled and made me shoot all over myself. She licked my cum off her hand, kissed me and said, “Think of me on the way home.” Then I watched her sweet ass sashay back into her house. I almost drove away with my soft dick out. I put myself together and drove home covered in cum. I was just learning that Chelsea was full of surprises. English sex stories from ONSporn

A few weeks later, my birthday was approaching and Chelsea suggested we celebrate by driving down to the shore for the day. We were sitting in her parent’s screened in backroom watching TV, close together on the sofa. Her Mom checked in often enough, “Anyone need a drink?”, to let us know she was around. It kept things to a minimum, but still allowed some exploring. Chelsea whispered in my ear, “For your birthday, wanna do it? Find someplace quiet.” And there it was the first time someone had offered to have sex with me. My first thought was ‘HELL YEAH’, but of course the other part of my brain threw up caution flags.

“I don’t know. I mean yeah I’d love to, you’re hot and I really like you, but…I’ll be 21 and you’re still 17 for three more weeks. So technically.”

“Oh fuck technically.”

“But if your parents found out. Who knows.”

“You really want to wait three more weeks for this?” And she pulled her shorts out giving me my first look at her bush. She took my hand and pushed it down her pants. “Can’t you feel how wet I am for you?”

“I think we should wait.” She pouted. I pulled my hand back quickly as the door opened again. Her Mom said she was going up but I needed to leave in 15 minutes. I guess she figured we could only get in so much trouble in that time? Chelsea waited until she heard her Mom go upstairs. I moved in for our usual end of night make out session, if lucky with handjob.

She kissed me, then said, “How about an early birthday present? I haven’t done this much.” She pulled down my shorts and underwear freeing my hard cock. She gave me a couple of quick strokes then leaned down and licked the head of my cock. Oh fuck, was she really…yes she was. Chelsea sucked the head into her mouth. Then pulled off with a pop. She smiled and looked at me. “Happy Birthday”. She then put more of me into her mouth bobbing up and down on the first two or three inches.

“Ah, easy. Teeth.”

She popped her head up. “Sorry. Not a pro here, but willing to learn!” She then licked my length and went back to sucking the top while stroking the bottom. “Is that better?”

“Yeah, great. Feels great.” I stroked her hair, caressed her, enjoyed the intense pleasure.

“Careful, don’t push my head. Not going all the way down.” Then back to sucking, licking, stroking. I’d lasted longer than I thought possible, but the inevitable was coming.

“Chels, oh yes, oh, I’m going to.” She lifted her head, looked up at me, “Go ahead.” Opened her mouth, aimed my cock, stroked, stroked. I tensed, made some kind of noise, and shot, one, two, a third, into her waiting mouth. She put the head in and sucked out any remaining. Then she swallowed. Stuck out her tongue to show it all gone.

“Now will you kiss me?”

“Uh, yeah sure.”

“MMm, then you just may get more of that action.” I kissed her, met her challenge, taking her tongue in my mouth.

“When we can get some time somewhere, I’d like to try, you know, oral on you?”

She nuzzled her nose against my face. “If you lick my pussy, there are lots of blowjobs in your future. But now you better get going before alarms go off. See you Friday for the beach.”

My birthday was Wednesday, I spent it with my family, then Thursday bought new swim trunks and some work clothes. Friday morning I was at Chelsea’s home promptly at nine. I’d taken the day off work so we could avoid the weekend crowds. As I was waiting for Chelsea to come downstairs I was leafing through a magazine on the coffee table. I could hear her sister and a friend talking in the kitchen. I guess they thought they were whispering.

“Who’s the guy?”

“Oh that’s Brent, Chelsea’s new boyfriend. He’s 21.”

“Really? Wow. You think they’re, ya know..”

“She says no, but maybe she’s afraid my Mom will find out.” Chelsea then came bounding down the stairs in a blue and yellow bikini. I took in her shapely body, nice mid-size boobs, thin waist, hips flaring out. She did a spin so I could see her cute tight ass. Not too small, but not wide either.

“See anything you like Brent?”

Before I could answer Chelsea’s Mom came in from the back room, took one look at her and said, “I hope you’re putting something over that.” English sex stories from ONSporn

“Mom! We’re going to the beach.”

“Still, do not go outside here almost naked.” Chelsea’s sister and her friend giggled in the kitchen. Mrs. Lake looked at me then back at her daughter. She sighed, “And if you two do get up to something, please use protection.”


Gasps and shrieks from the kitchen. I just turned red and said nothing. But Chelsea put on an oversize T shirt and pulled on athletic shorts. We got out of there as soon as possible.

“Not too late.”

“OK Mom.”

We got about a mile from the house, not yet on the parkway and Chelsea pulled the t shirt off. I reached over and tweaked a nipple through the top.

“OOh, fresh boy, I like it.” We got on the highway, surprisingly not too crowded, but it wasn’t a holiday weekend so maybe we got a break. My first tweak had started a game of pinches and touches. Chelsea pinched my nipple, I reached over and placed the flat of my hand on her stomach. She copied me, sliding up to my chest. So I cupped her boob. That got a honk from a passing truck. I pulled back at that, kind of embarrassed.

Chelsea laughed. “Imagine if he actually saw my tit?”

“Dare ya.”

“Hmm, you just want to see my tits.”

“Yeah sure, why not?”

“OK, take a peek.” She lifted her top and it got difficult to concentrate on the road. They bounced when let go, then continued to jiggle from the car moving on the road. I caught up to a truck.

“Here we go, you going to show him?”

“Sure.” I pulled up alongside. Chelsea rolled down the window and waved. When he looked she sat up. That was two good honks. She sat there wind blowing back her hair, tits in the breeze. Smiling ear to ear.

“You better put them away before we get pulled over.”

“Hmm, I could probably talk our way out of it.” I just looked over at her. Damn, she probably could.

We had a great day at the beach. For a change I was the guy walking the boardwalk with the hot girl in a bikini the other guys looked at. Of course helping apply lotion meant touching, mmm touching, most everywhere. She told me I looked pretty nice with just my swim trunks on. “Can’t wait to see you with them off.” Yeah I had to lay on my stomach a bit to hide the erection. Could I wait three more weeks? Late afternoon, we’d had enough sun, pizza, arcades. We packed up for the ride home. The showers weren’t working so we threw towels over the car seats, they were hot as hell anyway, and kept our suits on. We’d just gotten onto the local highway when Chelsea decided to change. She climbed over the seat, mmm that butt going right by me. Then in the back she took off her top. “You peeking up there?”

“Should I be?”

“Yeah if you don’t want to miss the show.” I adjusted the mirror in time to see Chels shaking her boobs at me laughing. “OK now try not to crash.” And she slid down her bottoms. Her dark bush was on display. “Like it?”

“Yeah! Wow.” Then she used her two hands to open her lips and give me a quick view of everything.

“OK shows over. Drive.” Sadly she then put on shorts and a loose t shirt. Climbing back up front I now had her boobs swinging past my face.

“Brent. I’m so horny. Can I borrow your hand?” I put my hand on her leg. She took it and put it in her shorts. She placed my fingers on her clit and told me, “Rub there. Don’t stop.” I drove. I rubbed Chelsea’s clit. Chelsea put her seat back and closed her eyes. I guess she’s not what you’d call a loud girl. She kind of “mmmmmm” through the whole thing. I guess I was doing it right. Or well enough. Then she grabbed my wrist.

“Right there, harder. MMMMMMM Oh” She pushed her hips up to keep us in contact, tensed then settled down. “Ah fuck, I needed that. Thanks.”

We were on the parkway now, more traffic than earlier when Chelsea noticed that I still had a hard on. “Wow, someone is still very excited from rubbing my pussy.” She reached over and felt my cock though my swim suit. “MMM, yep, still hard. Poor baby. Maybe I can help.” She leaned over, no one wore seat belts back then, freed my cock from my shorts and quickly sucked the first couple inches into her mouth. Sucking and stroking she had me ready to blow before long. A pickup went by with guys maybe coming back from the beach. The passenger yelled out, “Can I go next?”. Chelsea put up her middle finger. Feeling me tensing, she increased her pace and held me in her mouth as I shot my load. She swallowed two or three times and managed to get it all. Coming up for air she said, “There that should hold you over.” Road head. I have to recommend it. English sex stories from ONSporn

Chelsea got herself put together so her Mom wouldn’t complain. We made plans for the weekend. Thinking ahead to her birthday I asked if she’d be able to get away, maybe to an ‘overnight stay’ at her friend’s?

“Does someone have a plan. Something special?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

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