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Vivek looked around the waiting room at all the candidates wishing he had dressed more appropriately for the occasion. While all others sat there in their two piece suits , holding briefcases, well prepared for the interview, Vivek was in a dress shirt that rested well on his well-built body. His sleeves tight around his biceps and the tie he had bought for the interview gave his blue eyes an extra glow. Anxious, he got up pacing around the room. All the candidates seemed higher in qualification and experience where Vivek had none, after all he was a 25 yr old male, fresh to the field. While others were going through their CV, Vivek wondered around the office lobby. The receptionist couldn’t help but stare at Vivek as he walked here and there. Vivek had been offered many modelling jobs because of his looks and physique but he always wanted to work for a big company. Vivek loosened up his tie as sweat trickled down his forehead, he was nervous. The entire board was there to interview them along with the companies owner and CEO. English sex stories from ONSporn
After checking himself in the mirror one last time Vivek entered the room. It was his turn.
The room was brightly lit with a long table where all the important people were seated facing Vivek. The lights were all pointed on to the seat where Vivek had to sit. Felt more like an interrogation room since Vivek couldn’t clearly see their faces because of the strong lights.
The secretary pointed him at the chair and left.
Vivek sat down trying to look confident.
The team had a bunch of mixed people of all genders and ages. One of them, possibly the head, according to Vivek, in a loud voice asked him about his introduction. As Vivek pointed out his details he was interrupted by the same person.
“You have no work experience, what made you even apply here. The post clearly asked for a 5 year experience. So you lied. We don’t consider people who have lying as a trait”
Vivek knew it was over for him. As he was about to get up and walk out a female voice broke the silence “He is hired”.
Confused, Vivek tried to make out if it was a joke. There were confused whispers in the room as a shadow got up. Vivek tried to focus and saw it was a lady, in her late 30s, wearing a long tight skirt underneath a coat. She has curiosity on her face.
“But he has no experience, what will he even do here” replied the head of office.
“That is up to me to decide” she replied, firmly.
Every one got quiet as she settled down in her seat.
Vivek went home as if this was a dream and he would be waking up soon.
His timings and details had been mailed to him.

Next morning Vivek woke up, noticing he had run late and quickly changed into a dress pant and a t shirt. Clean shave suited him.
As he entered the building, a folder was handed over to him with details and he was walked to his office. A tiny room , a center desk with a computer screen and landline, with a huge window facing the back side of the building which was mainly green with benches for staff to take a break on. Vivek had always admired such buildings.
He explored the room and sat on his desk, going through the work he had been given. The phone ringed.
“the owner, Miss Arya would like to see you in her office” said a voice. “Where is her office” replied Vivek.
“top floor, straight” the call ended.
Vivek walked out to the lift and got to the top it was an open lobby with a receptionist sitting at the front desk.
“Is this miss Aryas office?” Vivek asked.
“Yes, she told me to call you. You can go in” she replied. English sex stories from ONSporn
Vivek knocked and the door automatically opened. He stepped in. The room was fully carpeted with a hug window looking outside the city. At the center was the main table with a TV and sofa set to the left. Vivek had never seen such an elegant office before. As he walked closer he noticed a lady sitting at the other end of the table looking straight at him. It was Arya. Arya kept sitting while Vivek stood at the other end.
“Welcome to my company Mr Vivek. As you know who I am, its important you do as I tell you to. You will be emailed about your work details. If there’s anything you fail to understand kindly check with the 2nd floor, if still in doubt feel free to visit” said Arya.
“Yes ma’am” replied Vivek.

Arya got out of her seat and walked up to the mini fridge by her side. She was wearing a suit. It gave a lot of detail about her body. Vivek noticed her bouncy ass as she bent down to pick a bottle for herself. Her hair were brown tied up in a bun. Walking back to her desk Arya took off her dress coat revealing a button-down shirt which made her D cups look amazing. She had hazel coloured eyes. Her skin was as white as snow. Vivek couldn’t believe she was the owner of such a huge company. She was a beautiful lady. Arya noticed how Vivek was eyeing her and that was exactly what she wanted.
Vivek spent all week trying to do his best. While Arya couldn’t help herself but imagine Vivek, it has been long since her husband had passed away. Seeing Vivek that day somehow renewed Aryas lost sex drive.
Few weeks had passed by and there had been little interaction between the two from good morning wishes to tiny talks in the office where Vivek noticed how Arya looked at him. There were times when Arya would pretend to mistakenly touch Viveks arm or hand but that was all. As days went by Arya couldn’t control her emotions anymore. Her lust kept growing.
Once again Vivek was called into Aryas office at evening. It was almost time to go home. He entered and was greeted well. Arya wanted Vivek to explain her some of the work he had done. While Vivek was explaining, Arya dropped her pen under the table. Vivek bent down to pick it up and noticed Arya was wearing a short office skirt, to his surprise she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. It turned him on and made him nervous at the same time. Arya knew he had noticed. Their eyes met and Vivek knew at once it was planned. It had gotten late. “its almost dinner time, would you like to go out have dinner” asked Arya.
Nervously Vivek replied with a yes.

They has a simple dinner where Arya paid and she offered to drop him off at his apartment. As the driver stopped in front of his apartment, Arya placed her hand on Viveks arm. He looked at her and felt her leaning towards him. Vivek didn’t back off and kissed her gently. Her lips felt soft like a rose petal. Through the cars window, moonlight covered her face like a veil, her eyes shining like fire. The moment their lips touched, Arya felt a fire growing inside. English sex stories from ONSporn
Vivek walked out of the car and Arya left. He could still taste her cherry flavored lipstick on his lips. He spent the night dreaming about her yet scared if he had crossed a line.
The next day, as Vivek was working in his office. Arya walked in. Vivek looked up at the sound of clicking of her heels on the tiled floor. She was wearing a suit, fully professional. Her red lipstick made her lips prominent. Vivek stood up as she walked in, locking the door behind. He remembered how her lips felt that night and had a sudden urge to kiss her again. He moved closer wrapping her in his strong arms, he placed his lips on hers. Arya closed her eyes as she wanted to enjoy him. He slowly started sipping her lips, shifting between the upper and lower one. As the kiss grew intense, he licked her lips and gave her more to enjoy. Their tongues danced at the moans Arya made. His hand went over to her shirt and inside. He was massaging her breast. So firm yet soft. Vivek was about to open her hair when their kiss suddenly broke by the ring of his phone.
Suddenly aware of their surrounding, Arya tucked her shirt in, wrote something on a notepad and left.
“6 P.M MY OFFICE!! “
Vivek smiled and waited for the clock to tick.

Time went slow as Arya stared out at the sunset over the city, waiting for Vivek.
Vivek entered her office, locking the door behind. This time he didn’t knock. Arya liked how confident he was.
“would you like a drink or perhaps a cigarette?” she asked in a sexy tone.
“I would only like to have you” replied Vivek, in a deep voice.
Arya felt that extreme sex drive again.
“sit down” she ordered.
Vivek liked a girl who could take control.
He sat down on the leather sofa as Arya came close. Sitting on his lap, Vivek opened her hair noticing she had long dense silky hair that fell on her back.
Vivek started kissing her neck. The moment his lips touched her body she knew her desires will be fulfilled. Vivek traced down her neck engulfing her scent and leaving traces of love bites behind while Arya opened his shirt. His body made her crave more. Vivek took off her shirt and for the first time he saw what amazing breasts she had. Her nipples were pink like a cherry on top waiting to be sucked. He pinched her nipples while moving down to her breasts. He couldn’t wait to take them in his mouth.

“please me” Arya ordered.
Like a good employee Vivek took her nipple in his mouth as Arya relaxed back and felt his tongue circling around her nipple. With his other hand he slipped inside her panty. The thick fabric already felt wet. He slowly started running his finger over her. Sucking and nibbling on her breasts made him hard. He wanted to let his penis out. As he detached his mouth from her nipples to unbuckle his belt Arya held him by his hair while staring him in his eyes she ordered again “ i said please ME”
He obeyed. Taking off her pants which slid down easily over her soft skin. He admired her body in the dim light of the table lamp how she had maintained herself over the years. She opened her legs for him to see better. While massaging her breast he moved his lips down to her vagina. Planting a soft kiss her vagina felt like a flower opening its petals. Vivek nibbled on the softness sipping on her juices it tasted like honeydew. Arya enjoyed his tongue flicking over her vagina as he entered her with his finger while sucking her for pleasure. Arya felt herself giving away more to him as he moved his finger deeper but not fully to tease her. His hand still massaging her breast and with the other hand he fingered her. She moaned for more. It was too much for her. She needed more. English sex stories from ONSporn
She loosened her grip from his hair and ordered him to get naked. He took off his left over clothes. Arya could see his well defined abs and his muscles showed he was regular at the gym.
Arya pushed him on the sofa. His penis fully erect showed he loved what he saw. Arya held his thick long stick in his hand, rubbing it slowly. She could feel his vein popping out. He held her close and started kissing her lips. Arya could taste herself on his lips. With her legs open she was on top of him. She started massaging him with her vagina. Her wetness now covering his penis while he sucked on her lips. Arya couldn’t wait anymore. She slowly inserted the tip inside her. Moving gradually to take all of what Vivek had to offer. Her inner thighs were dripping from her juices as she rode him to her pleasures. Vivek could feel her soft tight vagina covering every millimeter of his hardness. He held her by her back and hips helping her move as he kept kissing her. The moaning made Vivek feel like he ruled her. The sun had fully set and it was night. The lamp was casting their shadow on the wall as she moved up and down making Vivek slowly moan in her mouth. She felt him finish inside her as he dripped out of her like an erupting volcano. She slid down beside him on the sofa, both fully naked and out of breath.
“good job” she whispered
Vivek smiled back as they both enjoyed the night view of the city. English sex stories from ONSporn

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