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I have been a regular N8 story reader, and lately felt like contributing my personal encounters. I had been married for about a few months when the project i was working with as an analyst moved to chicago. As the project moved, most of my team was relocated. Unfortunately my wife’s visa was rejected and i had no choice but to do the 3 months stint alone. One of my colleagues, an year junior to me was relocated as well. She was an unmarried average looking girl, with whitish complexion and charming personality. English sex stories from ONSporn

The project was executing directly from the client office, hence was a little more stressful than usual. As two of us were placed in the same building in studio apartments on adjacent floors, once in a while we used to spend time together having tea or coffee, watching movies or just chit-chatting. The time we spent together helped us keep stress in check, and I used that to gather excitement for my masturbation sessions. Its normal to have sexual feelings about opposite sex when you are sex deprived. We got pretty regular on the 3-4 hour entertainment sessions where we used to watch movies and play computer games over local wireless lan and have chit-chat over a meal. I never told my wife about these sessions, neither did she tell anyone. Sitting with her on the sofa through one of the movies with frequent sex sequences drove me a little crazier than usual and I decided to put an arm over her shoulder and lean on her a little. The feeling of soft female body after almost a month drove me insane. She didn’t bother trying to remove my hand, which I took as a positive signal. In some time I started slowly caressing her thigh with my other hand. She was breathing heavier than usual after a few minutes which gave me courage to push it a little further.

She was wearing a pyjamas and top that day and as I tried to slip my hand under her top, she started resisting. I knew fully well if I had allowed her to go at a time like that, it would have been over and I would have never got a second chance. I held her hand and told her its something our body needs to relax and is a necessary part of our lives, and her body needs some love too, and combined with some physical overpowering it worked. Inspite of her resistance, I managed to force her to give up and surrender. She however made me promise that we wouldn’t go beyond oral sex. Obviously I wanted more but I had to fake it for the time being. As I undressed her I found her average appearance housed a really sexy and soft body with really smooth hairless skin. She kept showing some resistance as I took off her top and pyjamas. But as I felt her naked thighs and stomach with my hand and lips, she went into some kind of trance and her resistance disappeared. I then undressed myself and came to her with nothing but underpants on my body. I managed to remove her bra and panties without too much trouble as she probably didn’t know what was being done to her. Later she told me it was her first time, and it felt so amazing being touched by a man all over, that she just couldn’t resist. She tried to pull out my erect penis but it was it was too difficult so she had to pull my underpants down. She was astonished by the thickness and length of male organ and was too scared to touch it. After some persuasion she held it and started playing with it as it became harder and thicker as an iron bar. I kept eating her breasts and flicking her nipples as she played with my penis and sucked it. The excitement in my penis started to get painful and that was when I decided that I needed to fuck her, irrespective of weather she wanted it or not. I pulled down her pantie in one swift stroke and started licking her clitoris and love hole. She went nuts and pulled my dick straight into her mouth. We stayed in position 69 for a minute or two, when her pussy started oozing juices, I decided it was the time to go for the kill. Her eyes were closed and she was not fully aware of what was coming. While fingering her I had figured she was a virgin and is gonna bleed when I enter her. English sex stories from ONSporn

So I quickly got two big towels and spread them over the bed(one over another) on one corner. Then I lifted her up from the carpet near the sofa and made her lie on the bed with legs wide open on the towel area. Even though both of us were very well lubricated, I knew my dick being very thick and longer than usual was gonna rip her apart the first time. It is not the right penis for a virgin girl, is more appropriate for ladies in regular sexual relationships. I did feel bad for her before doing what I was gonna do to her, but not knowing a way to help it, I decided to do it very suddenly giving her as less time to react to it as possible. She later told me she felt I was gonna start licking her again when I held her legs wide open(just before her big moment). After placing the head of my penis on her love hole, I relaxed, took a deep breath and moved my other hand on her mouth to suppress her scream. This is when she noticed what I may be upto, I saw the fear in her eyes. She was dripping wet with juices, and I was drenched in her saliva and with my hand over her mouth, all she could do is use her eyes to beg me and she was. I knew waiting any longer would have just made her more nervous, so I pushed. It was a powerful jerk and with her legs wide open our pelvis bones met, I felt head of my penis rip her organ and eventually touch end of the tunnel. Ripping her apart was a really rewarding and sad moment at the same time. Tears filled her eyes, her face turned red, her fingers crushed the bedsheets through the towel and I herd her scream in pain even though my hand was firmly covering her mouth. In a moment she got hold of the situation and started trying to pull herself away from me to free her organ of the piercing deep in her body, but I had her held too tight and she couldn’t even move. I almost felt like it was a forced one. After some time she got her senses back, stopped screaming, started sobbing and looked @ me in my eyes. That’s when I freed her mouth and french kissed her. I told her this was gonna happen one way or another. If I hadn’t done it, her husband would have, but then she would have missed all the fun we could have in days to come. English sex stories from ONSporn

After a few minutes as she relaxed, I began moving myself in and out of her womanhood. The fucking lasted a few minutes at the end of which I ejaculated bucket full deep in her womb. She kept crying throughout the session. As I fucked her I saw blood oozing out of the coupling. At the end of it I carried her to the toilet and washed her blood, juices and my semen dripping out of her hole. The towels were all blood stained and we had to throw them out. No wonder she couldn’t walk that night. I later brought her an emergency contraceptive to avoid getting an unmarried girl pregnant. The next day we took off as she was swollen as hell. Once she recovered we started living in the same room, fucking almost everynight. A few days after that over a weekend, with the help of some body oil and saliva, I opened her from behind too. It was a devastating experience for her once again. Very painful and very long. It ended in her excreta over parts of my and her body but we enjoyed bathing and cleaning it together. Ever since then we played oral, vaginal and anal games almost 7 days a week for 2 full months. Even after coming back to India, the sessions continued once or twice a fortnight. Later she got married and it became less frequent post that. I still make love to her some times and she loves it. She later thanked me for opening her up to a larger world of love, sin and unparalleled pleasure, even though it was a painful one. English sex stories from ONSporn

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