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Readers, I have been visiting this site off and on, whenever I get the opportunity. I think the site is good, well organized and many of the stories seem to be authentic. I am encouraged to share some of my experiences with all of you and hope that you will give me your feedback. First, about myself – I am Sujit Bhandary, aged 40, married, male, based in Mumbai. I think I’m reasonably good looking and am in good shape. Have been married for 14 years and have an active sex life with my wife. I’d like to narrate my earliest sexual experience – incredible as this may sound, my first introduction to sex happened when I was just 3-4 years old. My brother and I were looked after by a male servant as my parents were both in service. During the day, once they left, this servant used to bathe us. Before bathing he would apply oil all over our bodies after removing all our clothes. He used to take out his tool and make us oil it too and then he would sodomise us. English sex stories from ONSporn

The experience used to be extremely painful but he used to threaten us that he’d kill us if we told anybody about this – so for a long time we suffered in silence. Thankfully, after a year or so he left and we were saved. Around the time I was 9 years, we had a paying guest staying with us. This was a girl called Uma – her dad and my dad were long time friends and Uma had come to Bombay after her studies, to try and seek a job. She was a plump but attractive girl of 18-19 years or so and was great company for us. By this time my brother, who was 3 years older to me,

Had his own gang of friends and used to be out of the house most of the time playing cricket in the colony. I used to spend all my time inside, playing little kid’s games and Uma was my playmate. A few other kids from my apartment would also gather around and the most popular game for us was hide & seek. One day, while searching for a place to hide I hid myself inside Uma’s full length skirt. She too thought this was a funny, original idea and so, there I was, hiding inside in between her thighs. I could see her undies with its nice floral patterns and feel the silky smoothness of her “thunder thighs”.

A couple of days later while again playing hide & seek Uma herself motioned to me to hide again by lifting her skirt and inviting me. Surprise, this time she wasn’t wearing any panties. The sight of her hairy bush was more interesting than the game and the absence of a “wee-wee” was extremely puzzling to my mind. In complete innocence I searched with my fingers inside her bush to find the penis and instead discovered a new world. Perhaps my fingers roaming around on her vagina excited her, I don’t know, but she tightened her thighs around my head. English sex stories from ONSporn

I could feel a strong musky smell from that bush – when I close my eyes even now I can distinctly recall that first smell of pussy, such magic! Then, for some strange reason, Uma shrilly announced to the other children that the time for games was over and drove them all out of the house. I was disappointed but she told me to wait, there were bigger things for the both of us to do! Boy, did I know what was in store? Once we were alone she bolted the door and took me into the bedroom and made me lie down. She lay by my side and put her thigh across my body and caught me in a grip and rubbed herself over my waist.

I could see her breathing getting heavy and she took my hand and placed it on her chest. The feeling was like holding a rubber ball, bouncy and nice. She unbuttoned my trouser and reached inside to take my “wee- wee” in her hand and started playing with it. I felt awkward/shy because I realized somehow that this was not right but at the same time I realized that the sensation I was feeling was something wonderful, never experienced before. So, despite my reservations, I surrendered to the delicious tingling senses that were convulsing my body.

Seeing the changes in me Uma gently started kissing my lips, licking my ear lobes and squeezing my cock and by balls slowly. This was getting better and better by the second. After a while she got up and looked down on me, her face framed by her loose hanging hair, a mischief filled smile on her face. I asked her, “What are you looking at?” She giggled and said “Wait, let me get more comfortable” and proceeded to remove all my clothes. She took off her blouse top too, revealing the slip beneath through which I could see her black bra. I could make out some small tufts of hair in her armpit too.

While my eyes were devouring her she proceeded to give me a serious body lick all the way down. I mean, Really licking, long wet strokes of her tongue down my neck, shoulders, chest, nipples, navel, stomach, arms, toes, calves, thighs – each stroke filled with her saliva till I was glistening as if I’d just come out from a bath. I was squirming with the tickling sensation as well as a slight sense of disgust and was wondering whether to tell her that I didn’t like this game at all. I mean, it was yucky, ugh!!! Just as I thought I should tell her to stop English sex stories from ONSporn

I suddenly realized she’d swallowed the entire length of my small cock which had, by this time grown stiff and erect – still just a small 3 inches only – and was sucking my cock. While this was even more disgusting beyond what had happened so far I suddenly shut up because God! It was such a wonderful feeling that I didn’t want her to stop. Involuntarily, without anyone ever having to explain to me anything, I started thrusting my hips up into her mouth learning only later that this was how one fucks… my upward thrusts coincided with her head movements too, her tongue playing deftly around my little shaft,

Her nails are scratching at the base of my balls. How long this lasted I do not know but somewhere down the line she moved her body so that her thighs were near my face. Without stopping the sucking she put her hands inside the skirt that she wore and I could see her fingers busily working inside her thighs. Once again, instinctively, I seemed to know what to do. I reached inside and pushed her hand aside and started stroking her.

Uma opened her thighs and motioned me to put my fingers inside her tight hole. This was a new thing for me, seeing her hole, pink and wet. There seemed to be a small nut, like a boiled small groundnut there, just above her hole. I pulled it and rubbed it – Uma jerked in pleasure and took her mouth off my cock to tell me “Just rub it baby, that feels so nice. Put your fingers inside my choot”. And she was back to sucking my lund. I concentrated on my Uma’s choot, inserting first one finger, and then another till my small hand was fully inside her till the wrist.

I couldn’t believe that such a small hole could take all my hands inside. Uma asked me to move my hand in and out and after a little over ten minutes she collapsed on her back saying “Enough, I’m finished!” I pulled my hand out, it was sticky and smelly but it was a smell that, over the years, I’ve grown to love. I also learned, from my sex teacher Uma, how to taste a woman’s choot, how to enjoy and give pleasure in the art of slow, gentle fucking too. I’ll describe these encounters later, English sex stories from ONSporn

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