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I am Utkarsh. 6 feet, fair and handsome too(girls say that..lolz). I just submitted my sex experience with maami on Iss. Hope you liked it and now you will like this and jerk off. This incident took place last year in November. Know what I fucked my coaching teacher. Her name is Teena. 35 years of age. Has a figure of 38-27-39. You can imagine, how big her assets are. And that is what i love her the most in her. And she got a beautiful face above all.Any boy can jerk off 3-4 times a day just imagining to fuck her. She is a math teacher and takes coaching in the evenings. I was in a batch of 15 students. She used to wear salwar suits, kurta of which usually had deep cut necks and while teaching us, most of the time her cleavage was visible. And this was the reason why i always failed in my math exams in school. And ya i forgot to tell, to my fortune she was a widow means a sex starved horny babe. English sex stories from ONSporn

After the encounter with my maamiI knew that unsatisfied and sex starved women can be lured to bed quite easily as compared to others. My summer vacations were going on and coaching went on full blast in the evenings and day by day I was getting more and more attracted towards her because of her cleavage and also her ass which shake as if someone was fucking it when she wrote on the board. She called those students to her home on Sundays who had some problems and clarified them. And one of my friends,Karan told me that she remained in her night suit only on Sundays as he had gone to her for clarifying doubts on many Sundays. And it seemed she never wore a bra and panty at home, maybe that is why her boobs had gone so huge. I was so excited on hearing all this that I was just waiting for Sunday so that I can go to her house and take some sexy images of her in my brain and then jerk off at home. On Saturday I told her that I will come to her for some doubts and she agreed.Next day I went to her house at 6 in the evening. She greeted me well and I just took some problems from Karan to ask her as I had no doubts, but only question was how to seduce this boob and ass factory to take some raw material from my 8 inch pump. After my doubts were over, she offered me a cup of coffee and we started chatting. She asked about my progress in other subjects and asked about my family and all. She was in a night suit and owing to her huge tits, her cleavage was visible and i eyed it whenever i got chance.But i think she noticed it as she closed her shirts topmost button in front of me but she didn’t say anything neither did I. I just asked about how is husband died and all.

That day nothing happened. And again from next day regular classes started. But after the class, she asked me to come to her house next morning and help her with her malfunctioning pc, as she knew i am quite an expert in computers and I agreed instantly. Next day I reached her house at 10 and had some breakfast and all, as she insisted.But to my surprise, she was wearing a zipper jacket on top and jeans below. And i think that zip was pulled down much more than it should have been. Then i went to her pc room and it took me a while to fix her pc. She had a net connection so i thought to check my facebook account. I checked browser history. There was nothing but only porn sites. I was so happy and excited on seeing this. I was sure now that she must be fingering her pussy by seeing all this.When i was about to leave. I just put a wallpaper which was saved in her hidden files in which a guy was fucking a girl in doggy style and shut down the pc. I was sure that now she will come to know that i have seen all the pornographic material in her pc. Next day in the coaching she didnt make any eye contact with me at all. I knew that she was guilty and maybe angry. After the classi purposely went to her for asking a doubt and I knew she would talk about the pc and she did. She said look Utkarsh, I know that you saw some of my private files on my pc which you shouldn’t have. But i just want to request one thing that don’t tell this to your friends and spread this thing. I said ok ma’am I won’t. But I had already told Karan about it. When i was just turning to leave, she asked me acha why did you put that wallpaper on. I replied because i liked it the most. She said shut up and asked me to leave.Next day after the coaching, I went to her and gave her a pen drive and said it has got anti virus, so she should install it in her pc. But in that pd i intentionally loaded some really erotic movies and pics and copied one student teacher sex story. So as to send her a message that what was going on in my mind. English sex stories from ONSporn

I got a call that day in the evening from Teena. She requested me to come to her house by saying that she got to send an urgent email but there is some problem with her pc again.I reached her house within 15 minutes. She was in a tight fit salwar suit with boobs ogling out. She took me to pc room and asked me to check pc. I found out that it was fine. I asked her what is the problem ? To my surprise and fortune She straight away asked why did you upload that student teacher story in that pd ? Now i had all the courage in the world and i said because i imagine you in the place of the teacher and me as the student in that story and masturbate.She was stunned to hear this and was getting hot too as i could see her nipples protruding, pressing hard against the Kurta again she had no bra on. She was so excited that her voice was so shaky and sexy when she said you should not be doing all this at this age but should concentrate on studies. I said ma’m if you imagine yourself in that dog style position. How sexy it would be.. And i knew as i say, the image must be formed in her mind.I think she was getting wet down there. So she just went away from the room without saying anything and i went behind her. She went and sat on the bed in her bed room with eyes closed and head bent down. I climbed on the bed. Stood on my knees . Her back was pointing towards me. I kept my hands on her shoulder and started massaging so as to arouse her. She didn’t say a word but i could hear soft moans.. Ahh..ha.aha..aa..And gradually my hands went to her boobs and i being a boob lover just vigorously pinched the boobs cupped completely with my hands and she shouted dheerey.. But I didn’t listen and kept on rubbing her boobs for minutes and my penis was touching and pricking her back. She was now all active and she turned towards me and just leaped on me and i fell on the bed and she was over me and started kissing me.I kissed her back very hard for 5 minutes. Longest and best kiss of my life as yet.

She went down and I lied down. Took my pants down ,underwear and took my tool in her mouth and sucked so well as if drinking cold drink with a straw. I cum in her mouth in 5 minutes and she swallowed all the maal. Then it was my turn, I opened her Kurta and salwar and sucked her boobs and bit nipples so many times that I looked they were going to bleed .I went down to her pussy. It was clean shaved. In India you rarely see that. Anyhow I started licking it and put my pen inside her vagina and shake it round her pussy and a current passed in her body as if she is a virgin. She was saying. Please fuck me don’t play I am hungry for a dick for five years now. Please do it now. But I kept on playing and inserted my fingers and did pumping while she screamed “please chodo mujhe.ahhhahh uuuiiii yaaa… Aur aur….aahhhhhh…” and ultimately she orgasm.She said ‘ I love you..This was my best orgasm i ever had.’ i said wait best is still to come. My lund was in full swing again. English sex stories from ONSporn

I kept it in appropriate position and pushed it in hard. About half went in smooth but it was too tight though she was all wet and lubricated. But such a tight pussy was a result of no sex for 5 years and it was heavenly for me. I pushed in and gradually started stroking and increased my speed. She moaned “u are.ahhhhha.oohohoho my darling….love uuiiiii so much…yaaa fuck me….aaaayooolll..comom..tez..fast……” I continued for about 20 minutes and cum inside her only. She had 2 orgasms

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