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Hi Everybody! This is Jairam from Hyderabad. About me – I am 26 yrs , 5′10″ with normal body type with 10.5″ * 4″ Perfect Dick… I will come to the point without taking much of your time.  English sex stories from ONSporn

It happened around 2 years back. When I was working with the biggest Stock broker of India where my MD was a married female of around 32 with looks and figure of 25-27 Years. About her – she was around 32yrs with height 5′6″ approx , very fair , Perfect looks & let me tell you about her Assets. She had 36D Boobs (which I came to know later) and her Ass uff any one would like to fuck hers then and there. It happened like once I was discussing something with my Boss pointing my hands towards the gate which was behind me and suddenly I felt something soft touching my hand , after say 5-10 SecondsI saw back & there was standing Sudha and my hands was touching her Boobs.. The feeling was great but I apologized her and she told its ok and I went away from the Chamber (my boss didn’t look at all this action as he was looking towards the PC That day I masturbated twice thinking about her boobs touching my hands my goodness! She was so soft over there I wished I had courage to press them hard. After that day I started looking at her sexually and wished to fuck her someday.One day it happened that a had to take her signature on important papers which were suppose to be dispatched urgently to the clients but she was not in office as she was not well and was at her home taking rest. When I called her she told to come home for the same. I went at her home which was so very Beautiful (She was Very Rich) her maid opened it and told me to sit on Drawing room. After say about 10-15 Minutes she came from her room wearing a nighty (seemed that she just woke up) She told me hi and told will be back in 10

Minutes as she has just woke up and told to the maid to serve me juice & Snacks. She came after 12-13 Minutes … Wow she was looking absolutely stunning with only an after bath Robe which was just above her knees… her boobs were jiggling as she was not wearing anything inside Lol…. I missed many of my Breath…. She was looking So Sexy, I couldn’t have imagined about it ever…. She was damn hot and my dick started hardening immediately and was in full motion struggling to come out of myFormal pants but what to do after all she is my MD and could even fire me on any of my action. She came and sat in front of me and started signing the papers there were around 30-35 Signatures… as she was wearing only a robe , I was able to see her cleavage and some part of her Boobs and some part of her thighs too as her robe was only above her thighs… I think she was watching me through the corner of her eyes the bulge in my pants which I noticed when English sex stories from ONSporn

I saw her eyes. It was getting difficult for me to control my emotions & I wanted to fuck her then and there. I took her permission and went to bathroom in her bedroom, her all the cloths were lying there I picked her bra and panty and smelled then and jerked off immediately because I was out of control… When I was about to open the bathroom door I hear some sound so in the curiosity I peeped through the key hole and saw that she was collecting her cloths from the wardrobe .I waited for some time and saw that she started changing Ufff…. my god when she removed for robe I saw her first time full nude, her back was towards me and her Ass was looking perfect… I suddenly slipped in Bathroom and was unable to stand, as she hear the noise she came running towards the door and asked me what happened? I told her I have fallen and was unable to stand , she told to open the lock and after trying hard I opened the lock and she came in,

When I saw her she was only in her black color panties, she helped me standing on my feet and bought me out and told me to sit on her bed. I was staring at her body continuously , she told me to take off my shirt & pants as it was wet , I did it and also took off underwear as it was also wet and wore a Towel on my west , she asked me where did it heart , I told on my lower back , she told me to lie down and started massaging me on my back with oil… after about 5Minutes of massage I stood up but fortunately or unfortunately my towel was not on me, I was started naked and was looking at her body then she suddenly realized she was not wearing anything except her Panty…. She tried to hide herself with whatever she could get beside her but i looked into her eyes with lust as I was with such a sexy lady only in Panty in her Bedroom with me (naked) I could not think of anything else and moved my lips on hers and kissed her slowly but to my fortunate she opened her mouth and welcomed me in and we started kissing very passionately ,Our tongue were playing all the game and while kissing my one hand was behind her head and other one was on her left boobs feeling it…. Her skin was soft as satin , her nipples were hard as nuts, she wrapped her hands around my neck while we were kissing, Slowly I came down to her ears, neck and this time she went crazy and started kissing all over my face, neck chest then I felt her one hand on my 10.5″ fat Dick , her jaw was dropped as she felt my dick in her hand and was watching with surprise and told what a big one u have my husband is having less than half of it and in excitement she went on her knees started English sex stories from ONSporn

Stroking very hard and also started licking the head of it and started sucking very hard. She was sounding like hmmmm Whhhhat a dickkkk yeahhhhhh iiii llloveeeeeeeeeee itttttt lettttt me Suck it real hard… Uffff have never seen such a big dick in my whole life …. I asked her how many she has seen till date she told 3-4 apart of her husband but has not seen such a big one…. after 5 – 10 Minutes of fantastic sucking i felt i am going to cum, when I told her she told to cum in her mouth and I did it… load was so much that she couldn’t accommodate all of it and some fell on her lovely boobs…After such a fantastic sucking i fell of her bed exhausted… she was laughing like hell and telling i wanted to feel you from the day you touched my boobs in office, I told me too mam , then she scolded me “itna din kyun laga diye ” “maine tho tumhe ek baar muth maarte hue bhi dekha the office me jab sab chale gaye the” ussi din maine decide kar liya the ki i would suck it like hell After some time I told her ” Main bhi aapko maze dena chahta hoon ” she told why not the she lay on bed … I took her left boob in my mouth and started sucking it one by one, she went mad and started telling chuso mere mumme ko chuso ye itne din se tadap rahe hain ahhhh ahhhh mmmm shhhhhhhh.. thenI came down to her naval and sucked , she went mad … and started telling rajjjjjjj Fuck me I can’t wait any more shhhhh ahhhhh come on Pls I can’t wait fuck me hard & tear off my Pussy with such a gigantic Dick…. ahhhh come on…I opened her juice socked Panty and was surprised to see Saved pussy…. I started licking it and she was telling wow what a choooot licker u rrrr … shhhh ahhhh uuuu aarrrr suchhh a great sucker…. by the time she already had 5-6 Orgasm…. Now time for a great fuck of a fucking bitch2-3 times I tried hard to insert my dick in her chooot but was unable to as her Choot was not used to a big one English sex stories from ONSporn

then she told to apply some Oil and then try but I told let me apply some ice cream on your choot and lick it 1st then we will fuck, she agreed and we had a wonderful sucking section and then finally we fucked by applying oil…. She started crying as if she was a virgin but she told she had never had such a big one that’s the reason it was paining but after some time it was a pleasure … She was telling all the words asChodo apni maam ko chodo pls chod chod ke mera burrrr Phaad do… Mera pati bhenchod hain usko apni behen ko chodne se phursat nahi hai isliye tum mere pati ban jao…. Ahhhhh rajjjj fuck me fuck me hard … your wife would be the luckiest one to own such a big Dickkkk yeahh yeahhh fuck me pls Fuck Hard I had never experienced such a great fuck ahhh fuck me … Wow we fucked around 45 Minutes And finally I cum in her and she had around 15-16 Orgasm… I told her next time I will fuck her great ass… She told me I want you to fuck my sister also as she is a widow and is starving for sexSuddenly we realized that her maid was looking at all our action and rubbing her pussy with one hand and pressing her boobs with other hand… I panicked but mam told me don’t worry she will not tell anyone as she gets fucked by all her sexual partner and we will involve her also in next session…. That a different story will tell after i receive good response from the readers Specially Females…After this I fucked her sister , her maid also… will tell you some other day English sex stories from ONSporn

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