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Sushmita was working late on a Saturday. Mithali, her beautiful boss had a huge project that had to be completed by night. Sushmita loved working for her boss, Mithali, a strikingly beautiful woman, in her mid-forties. Mithali is almost 5 feet 6 inches, nice legs, firm thighs, slim waist and nice pert boobs and a well rounded ass.Her complexion is almost dark. She wears dark business suits which show her shapely figure. Most men and some women ogle at Mithali’s swaying hips. Her clothing shows off her tight butt. Sushmita is short at 5′2″ with her curly hair just reaching her shoulders. Her body, while not fat, is fuller and gorgeous. Sushmita usually dresses in short skirts that show off her shapely white legs, with thin cotton blouses that reveal black bra underneath. Sushmita loves to show off her body.English sex stories from ONSporn

What Sushmita does not know is that Mithali, her serious looking boss is a lesbian, She got tired of men after her first encounter with her lover Abhishek who was into acting kinky and raped her on the first date, made her drink his nasty cum, slapped her buttocks till they pained too much. She has been a single and has made lesbian friends with discretion. Mithali looks for class in bed, submissive class in bed indeed.Sushmita has no clue about her boss’s sexual orientation. But she is impressed by the older woman and adores her. Sushmita has broken up with her boyfriend since last week when she found him naked, fucking his maid. The bastard was screwing his 40 years old dirty maid and was ignoring 20 year old beauty Sushmita who was a virgin. She had been saving it for him. She felt frustrated and disgusted at her lover and decided never to talk to him in future.Working in the company of Mithali was a joy.

Now Sushmita saw her boss take off her coat and put it on the chair. Her boobs stood up proudly on her chest. Mithali pushed her chest forward and the scene was not lost on the younger woman.” Tired, Boss?” asked the younger woman. Mithali smiled at her” Yes and no. I love working with you. I am tired a little. I will feel better if you massage my arms a little, will you? We can order something to eat.We may be working till midnight, darling” Mithali ordered some Chinese food for the two of them. When it arrived, they took their food into the retiring room and spread it out on the table. “So,Darling… I want you to know that you have done a great job for me so far. I haven’t had a chance to thank you Sushmita, but keep up the good work!”Sushmita smiled and said, “Thanks… I love working for you, working with you. But it’s always nice to hear that I’m doing things to your satisfaction.” “You are, definitely! Tell me something about yourself!” the older woman asked casually” How is your life.

You young people are fast in everything, especially in sex”“Ummmmm… Like what?”“Well, let’s see. You’re 20, right?” Sushmita nodded her head, since her mouth was full of food.Mithali continued, “Okay,do you have Boy friend?”Sushmita smiled. “No, there was one rotten bastard but he is gone. I hate the bastard! the bastard was screwing his maid, imagine that! Men are all rotten, are they not Boss. How about you, are you married? Kids?”The older woman laughed out loud. “Oh, No, God, no! I hate men. Not only do I hate men, I love women. We understand each other so well. The best part of our relationship is that we cannot make the other pregnant. Men are no better than Pigs, proud of being men. As if cocks make men better than women! One more thing, don’t ever call me Boss, call me Mithali, Ok?”Sushmita looked at her boss, intrigued, English sex stories from ONSporn

She had never faced any woman who admitted herself to be a lesbian.. Here was her boss who proudly said she was a lesbian. Mithali’s words aroused the younger woman greatly. In fact her own hand went automatically between her legs and she felt a tingling in her nipples as she stared at Mithali.Sushmita smiled and said, “Ok, I will call you by name. But do you have a female, I mean lesbian lover?” she asked. I can tell you that many women here are lesbians. You only have to look round to see them. Mrs Malhotra, Mrs Arora, they are lesbians. I have enjoyed with them. I have made profits with them by doing business and pleasure in the bed.Mr Malhotra doesn’t mind as long his wife is not fucking any of his men friends. Male ego! But she is quite a dish in bed and she can work wonders with her tongue. And Mrs Arora, she loves all kinds of kinks in bed. She has the biggest collection of sex toys in her bedroom”Sushmita digested this information. She was surprised and pleased.

She had no idea that her boss was a lesbian. She looked like an attractive woman in her 40’s w ho had always preferred younger and good looking women. Well, then, you broke up with your boyfriend after catching him in bed with his maid. So how about you, Sushmita, do you have a lover?”“No, I don’t… I have decided not to fall in love with a man now” Sushmita whispered, and Mithali smiled and leaned closer to her and gave her a hug. Thanks, Bo… Mithali, you’re a sweet lady…I adore you” Sushmita smiled back at her boss, Lady, my ass! Don’t give me that shit. You are a hot and sexy woman, in your very youth. You are a flower, darling!”Sushmita looked straight into the Mithali’s eyes. “Do you really mean that, Mithali? Do you really think I’m sexy?” Oh, God yes! Any woman or man would be a fool to not want to be in your bed with you and I am not any different.” Mithali placed her hand on the younger woman’s shoulder and caressed it.Mithali leaned over and gave Sushmita a kiss on the lips and .Sushmita kissed back. The pact was sealed. Sushmita had accepted the older woman to be her lover.

Mithali cupped her young breasts as she continued to kiss her. “Thank you darling, it’s nice to have a sexy young woman as my lover.Will you be my lover darling? I will train you in the lesbian love. Touch me….Feel my body darling” Mithali hissed into her ears as she nibbled at her earlobe. Oh, my….ohhhhh Mithali….you are turning me on….You are setting me on fire….Your kisses are so sweet..Cup my boobs Mithali..I am burning down there….I am losing my sanity…..I have never felt like this…Oh!Oh! Darling!”The two women were in a tight embrace now. All food was forgotten. Mithali then rose and brought a bottle of wine “This love deserves a celebration. Come on, relax!” The older woman brought two glasses. She opened the wine and poured them each a glass. They kissed their glasses. Sushmita took the initiative and reached for Mithali and gave her a big hug.The two women drank their wine. Sushmita could feel herself getting a little buzz, although she was totally in control.

Sharon was talking about the real lesbian love and its pleasure. The younger girl was fascinated, as she could see that the older woman’s nipples had become erect and were visible through the silk of her shirt which was open on the front. Sushmita could feel her own nipples grow erect. She felt like touching Mithali’s bare boobs. She wanted to be naked herself.She wanted Mithali to suck on her nipples. Sushmita could feel her face getting flushed and nipples standing up, as she imagined doing kinky things with her sexy boss.  Mithali smiled at her new lover, ” I’m tired and horny both, I guess my dildo can make me relaxed tonight! Have you ever used a vibrating dildo in your cunt, Sushmita?”Sushmita was turned on at the thought of a dildo. She saw her boss lying back on her bed, running her vibrator all over her beautiful nude body, teasing herself until she erupted in climax. Sushmita smiled at Mithali and asked, “Well, our job is finished. Is there anything more I can do for you before I go home?”“What are you saying about going home? Darling this office is your home for tonight. English sex stories from ONSporn

I need you here. We have a bed to sleep on. Not that I will let you sleep, darling. I want you to lick my pussy until I cum on your lovely face, but I dont know if you will do that, Sushmita ” Mithali whispered in lust as she cupped younger woman’s boobs again.Sushmita stepped close to Mithali and looked into her eyes with raw lust. “Why not? I would Love to lick you… I would love sucking on your sweet pussy, it’s my dream now!” Are you sure, Sushmita ? I don’t want you to feel forced into anything you don’t want to do, just because I’m your boss…”Sushmita reached out and took the older woman’s breasts in her hands, cupping them and pinching the visibly erect nipples through the silk of her shirt. Do I look like I am being forced?” Sushmita asked in a whisper. No, darling, you look like you are doing what you have wanted to do with me. I have been watching you…I have been seeing a young desire rise within you…” spoke Mithali.Mithali’s shirt was on the floor in a moment, then the younger lesbian undid the hooks of the lacy bra. The older woman’s erect nipples were poking out and Sushmita lowered her head and bit gently on one. Mithali moaned softly, and her hands moved to Sushmita’s hair. The two horny lesbians moved towards the room. Sushmita gently pushed her boss on the bed.

Sushmita stepped forward and pressed her thigh between Mithali’s mound.As Sushmita lowered her head back to her boss’s erect nipples, Mithali moaned softly. Sushmita started sucking and chewing on the firm nipples, all the while grinding her thigh into Mithali’s pussy. Sushmita could feel herself getting very wet as she teased the older woman.Mithali ran her hands in Sushmita’s hair and holding her face close to her breasts. The older woman was lifting her hips up against Sushmita’s thigh, and Mithali knew her lover was already soaking wet too. She had been feeling very horny sisnce afternoon. To have sexy Sushmita making love to her was a dream come true, and she hoped it was the start of a regular thing.Sushmita could feel that her boss was getting very turned on, and she loved the idea that such a sexy older woman liked what she was doing to her. Mithali was thrusting her cunt against her thigh, giving little soft moans as Sushmita ground her thigh harder into the older woman’s fiery cunt. Sushmita lifted her head from her boss’s breast and said. “Do you know what I would like to do right now?” she asked.“What, darling?” I want to kneel in front of you and lick your pussy until you cover my face with your juices…”Mithali felt a little rush of lust in her body at Sushmita’s words. “Mmmmm… I would like that, too.. Will you lick my pussy like a slut, Sushmita?” Sushmita smiled,” I am dying to lick your muff darling. You are my teacher in this love. I will do anything you say darling”Mithali you are an incredibly sexy woman and I am honored to make love to you. I am ready to be your slave” Mithali lifted her chin and the two women were looking into each other’s eyes. “Thanks darling, but I don’t want you to just make love to me. I want you to fuck me, suck my pussy, make me cum all over your face!”Mithali’s legs were now spread wide. Sushmita could also see that her boss was very wet, as her mound was already glistening with her juices. Sushmita knelt in front of Mithali and took one of the older woman’s thighs and placed it on her shoulder. She smiled and said, “I want all of you. I want to taste your cunt completely.”Mithali smiled back and put her hands in Sushmita’s hair. English sex stories from ONSporn

She pulled the younger woman’s face in until it was close to her pussy. “So what are you waiting for, darling? Taste me, lick me, I am yours.” With that, Sushmita lowered her head and began to lick and suck furiously. Mithali was already dripping wet, and the sight of her cute young lover between her legs, licking her pussy, excited her more and more.Sushmita’s head was bobbing up and down. The older woman was very excited and she knew it would not take long until she would be spraying her juices all over Sushmita’s face. Mithali had her hands in Sushmita’s hair and was pulling her face tight against her pussy. Her hips were thrusting up, off the bed, wanting to feel her lover’s tongue deeper inside her.When Sushmita pressed a fingertip on Mithali’s clit, the older woman moaned and spread her legs even further. Sushmita took this as a sign of encouragement, and pushed one of her fingers into her boss’s ass too. Her finger slid into her boss’s warm asshole. She moved it in and out. Mithali was moaning and grinding her pussy into young woman’s face. When she felt her finger slide into her ass, she went mad, her lover was driving her mad.Sushmita sucked and chewed on her boss’s pussy lips as her finger slid in and out of her ass. The older woman was moaning louder now, as her cute lover sucked her cunt and finger fucked her butt. “Yes, Sushmita, just like that! Fuck me hard darling.” Sushmita did exactly the same and her boss kept cumming and cumming in a torrent of cunt juices. Sushmita kept lapping the wet pussy till her boss lay exhausted and satisfied.

Sushmita lay in her boss’s arms, her boobs pressed into Mithali’s bosom. The sight of her naked lover was very erotic to the older woman. Eager to return the favour Mithali hugged her lover tightly, making her moan in pleasure. “Now it is my turn to please darling,” she said kissing the younger woman on the lips which tasted her own juices. Mithali’s mouth travelled lower towardsSushmita’s shoulders, neck, breasts, nipples, and slim tummy and finally into the sweet swollen triangle of her mound. Sushmita moaned loudly as he boss ranher tongue into her pussy as she felt her tongue probing licking and lapping at her cunt lips and clit. The boss knew how to return the favor. It would teach her new lover new things of new love.Sushmita cried out as the experienced mouth sucked her clit and started to suckle on it. the boss grabbed her thighs and clamped her mouth on the cunt. The younger woman gripped her head between her thighs, not wanting the older woman to go away.Just when Sushmita was running her juices on her boss’s leps and tongue, the senior woman withdrew her tongue from the wet pussy. Sushmita was almost angry at the sudden withdrawal.She lay there open mouthed when Mithali moved her mouth to her asshole and kissed it. The puckered hole twinge a little but Mithali knew what she was doing and probed her tongue farther.Sushmita was curious about her boss’s plans and so relaxed her ass muscles. The stiff tongue entered her ass line a snake.” Mithali, I don’t like you’re playing with my ass. Why don’t you eat my pussy? I was loving it”” Just relax darling and let me do what I can with my magic tongue and magic cock. You will not be sorry when I am finished with you baby. Follow my instructions. Your ass is mine. Get on your hands and knees. English sex stories from ONSporn

I am going to make you happy. You are going to lose your lesbian virginity.Without saying a thing, Sushmita rolled onto all fours with her ass sticking high in the air. Mithali now knelt behind her and ran her fingers over Sushmita’s firm ass. Sushmita trembled as her boss ran her tongue delicately across her anal entrance.“Relax darling,” the boss continued her steady probing at the same time reaching under and gently massaging Sushmita’s swollen clit. Mmmmm that feels good, keep doing it…..Keep licking my ass darling, play with my clit….You are awesome darling” the younger woman murmured sticking her ass further out to receive the delights that her boss was giving her.Mithali worked her tongue deeper and deeper. Then she reached out to the bedside table and grabbed the cold cream and put a lot of it onto her fingers. Then leaning forward she began to lick at her clit and probe her lubricated fingers into the virgin ass.Sushmita almost died of powerful the sensations rushing through her body and mind as tongue and the probing fingers filled her. She felt Mithali’s fingers probe her virgin ass and tongue her sensitive clit. She was beyond control. A new thrill had overpowered her body. She wanted her ass to be stuffed. “Fuck me darling, take my ass please, fuck me in the ass with your fingers” She moaned her eyes ablaze with lust.This was the moment Mithali had been waiting for. She withdrew her hand and tongue all of a sudden, again leaving the younger woman high and dry. Before she could open her mouth, she froze as she saw the old woman carry a long thin dildo with a strap attachment. Lovingly Mithali strapped the artificial cock round her slender waist. The black plastic cock was ok for the pussy but what if her boss wanted to try her ass?Mithali touched the head of the dildo and cream it lovingly and Sushmita couldn’t help but tense. “Relax, Lover, I am going to take your ass with this black cock. I ordered it specially for ass, see its thin. You will love it” Mithali purred as she started to rub Sushmita’s clit with her thumb and before she could utter a word, pushed the head into her ass.Sushmita’s eyes shot wide open as she felt the initial burning pain in her ass and her breath started to come in short pants. Mithali waited patiently waiting without moving the rubber cock before increasing the pressure and letting it slip inside. Sushmita was rigid for a moment but then her ass began to adjust before her lover began sliding the dildo a little deeper.“Fuckkkkkkk, it is painful Bosssssss…I cant take it…Ohhhh …Fuckkkkkkkk…You are killing me…You Bitch….Leave me” Sushmita groaned. She felt her ass was on fire and she would die soon.  Again Mithali waited and let the dildo rest in the tight ass before finally moving her hips ever so slowly.The mature woman patted her ass cheeks and then played with the younger woman’s boobs. Mithali bent down and kissed her back and moved her hips in a fucking motion. Sushmita felt the feelings of both pain and pleasure spreading from her ass.

Sushmita found the initial burning sensation had gone to be replaced with a feeling of fullness that she had never experienced before. She relaxed as her lover began a slow steady movement of her hips fucking the dildo slowly in and out of her ass.An excitement rose in the younger woman. She wanted her mature lesbian lover to move faster, to fill her ass completely with the plastic thickness. As if her lover had read her mind, Mithali started to increase the pace and she slipped her hand between their bodies and started to work on her clit. Mithali worked her hand faster and faster and at the same time increased the speed of her strokes. Sushmita’s eyes flew wide open as her orgasm rushed through her body.Oh my fucking God….Fuck me….Fuck me you bitch….I love it….fuck my ass….Love me with your cock…ahhhh. You . like This dildo cock in  Your dirty virgin ass……. don’t ….… you…Love this cock.” mature woman asked and rammed the dildo as deep as she could. Sushmita screamed with pleasure mixed with pain as she felt her juices flow in a fountain on the hand of her lover. Sushmita cum abd cum as her lover fucked her ass and then with a sudden movement her lover withdrew the dildo from the ass. English sex stories from ONSporn

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