Innocent, Virgin College Girl Pari Seduced By Twin Brothers (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Hello readers, Sresta here. It’s of my best friend who got involved in a romantic relationship with two boys on a college festival night. It was a bit lengthy and cutesy-type story (heads up). English sex stories from ONSporn

Let me introduce you to the main leads of our story. Avinash is 6-ft in height, a little chubby, and fair. Ankush 5-ft 6-inches in height, fit and fair. Pari is 5-ft 8-inches in height, a little chubby and fair beautiful girl.

Avinash and Pari are studying in the same college. Ankush is Avinash’s twin brother. Even in the same college Avinash and Pari did not meet until one fateful day when they had a college anniversary festival going on and Avinash invited Ankush to this fest to enjoy with him. They were in their final year, so that was the last year of college for them. They brought alcohol into college without permission from the management.

Accidentally, Pari who was slightly depressed got to know about it. And without thinking, she had the spiked drinks and danced without any concern for her surroundings. This attracted Ankush and he was watching her from afar.

When Avinash saw his brother’s line of sight, he saw the unrestrained carefree girl on the dance floor and he seemed interested. Then, without much delay, he went to her and started dancing with her without being much touchy. English sex stories from ONSporn

She had a light color knee-length dress on and her stats were 36-34-36. In the state she was in, her stats were clearly on the show.

He asked her if she was tired and wanted some drink. She could see that he had lust in his eyes, but she was not at a stage to decide which was appropriate at the moment. She nodded to his suggestion and got off the dance floor with him.

He went near Ankush who was at the drink cabinet and smiled devilishly. His brother could guess his intentions, and without saying anything, he chose to go with his brother.

They both nodded to each other and Avinash took a normal drink and took Pari outside of the busy hall to have a breather. Fresh air and water did Pari a little sober and she saw her senior who brought her out and the look in his eyes made her blush.

Pari: Why did you bring me here? (with many emotions in her eyes but fear was prominent.)

Avi: To talk to you. wasn’t it obvious? Why do you look scared of me now? Weren’t you dancing quite well till now? English sex stories from ONSporn

He had a playful mode and a teasing look while saying this.

Pari: I am alone here, want to go home, can you accompany me?

She got bold with his friendly nature and handsome looks.

Avi: You are really very bold to ask a stranger to accompany you to your home.

He had a surprised expression on his face.

Pari: I know you are my senior and I have always seen you near the canteen and library. We have never met face to face so I was not clear whom you are, while dancing. Now, I am much more clear-headed. So, I know who you are.

And she smiled gently at him.

Avi: Oh! So, it makes me less strange to you. Anyway, let me make a call to my brother and we can leave.

He had a playful smile while making the call. Soon, Ankush also came out with a serious face and she could see some arrogance in him. He just nodded at them. She returned the gesture with a surprising nod as well.

Then they got into their brother’s car and soon set off in the direction of her house. In the car, Ankush was driving, Pari was sitting shotgun and behind them sat Avinash with a naughty smile playing on his lips, while watching the two in front.

It was a long and tense ride of 1.5 hours. Everyone could feel the tension between Ankush and Pari and the chemistry between Pari and Avinash. She was confused by this and kept stealing glances at them and gulping silently like a scared little girl.

They finally reached her home and as a courtesy, she invited them into her 1 BHK apartment where she lived with her grandma who was now in her native village for some business. And now, they were all alone in her flat.

She suggested that as a return favor, she would prepare dinner for them as they left early for her sake. Without reluctance, the brothers agreed and offered to help. Soon, they were all in the kitchen working on the dinner.

Due to the smaller space, it seemed a little crowded in the kitchen with both men by her side. There was occasional and accidental touching and rubbings here and there making her blush and hesitate about the whole situation. English sex stories from ONSporn

Avinash was a gentle-type holding hands while moving laddle, massaging her wrist when she was stiff, getting her blush with his charm. Meanwhile Ankush was intense, he kept staring at her whenever they came in contact with mysterious emotions in his eyes. It made her tense, but she wanted to feel his intensity all the same.

As making dinner was about to finish, Avi suggested getting beer from a nearby store. He asked them to serve the food at the dining table and left, which gave Ankush a chance to be with her.

Then, firstly he held her hand to see there was a small cut which she got while chopping vegetables. She didn’t mention it to them, so she was surprised to know that he noticed such a small thing and lowered her head blushing intensely. Then Ankush asked –

Ankush: Does it hurt? (In a hoarse and serious voice.)

Pari nodded her head as “no”.

Then Ankush took her hand in his and kept her injured finger in his mouth, looking straight at her. She struggled to remove her hand from him. But she was no match for him in strength and eventually, she gave in to his powerful stature and strong dominance.

While they were staring at each other, Avi came and she jolted from him and ran off to arrange the food. Meanwhile, their brothers were communicating something which she didn’t know. Soon, they all sat around the dining table while passing dishes.

They were prolonging the hold on her hand knowingly, and due to the alcohol Avi bought, the brothers were a little drunk and behaving more carefree with her. She was enjoying it, maybe it was due to her first time being noticed by two guys. Or due to she herself was little drunk.

They noticed that and eventually she was not rejecting their touch and they were happy and agreed to take the next step.

After eating and clearing dishes, they got near the laptop and started to watch a movie which was some chick flick. Pari sat in the middle for better operation of her laptop and the brothers sandwiched her.

For the first 15 minutes, they were just watching or more accurately planning how to proceed and the brothers were communicating with the looks. She could see them and guess what were they up to. Pari was waiting for how would that happen and she didn’t realize that she was excited about what was about to happen. English sex stories from ONSporn

Then, Ankush suddenly caught her hand which was moving the cursor and brought it to his lips to kiss her, looking straight at her. This startled and ignited a passion in her and she first struggled because of her shyness. But, later she didn’t protest when Avi caught her waist and brought her closer to Ankush and moved close to them himself. Then Ankush caught her and asked her –

Ankush:  We both want to make love to you. If you agree to it, then ok. If not, we will leave right now.

She was surprised by his frankness and looked a little hesitant. This made both of them leave her hands. She immediately felt empty as they left her. Then, after five minutes, she still did not give a reply to them, while hanging her head.

So, the brothers thought to leave the place which alarmed her. Then, she reached to Avi’s hand and asked him in a meek voice while lowering her gaze –

Pari: Will I die if I do it for the first time with both of you guys?

Both of them shared surprised but happy looks. Then Avi asked –

Avinash: Are you really willing to give your virginity to us?

She looked at them and nodded her head shyly. Then, Ankush got hold of her by the waist and pulled her towards him and asked her to tell them in words to which she said.

Pari: Yes, I want you both. From the beginning, I saw you both, I am getting this weird sensation to touch you both, feel you both, and all impure thoughts filled my mind.

To this reply, Ankush could not hold himself and kissed her on her lips like he was breathing from her air itself. Looking at them in action, Avi waited a moment to watch this beautiful scene and approached them from behind.

Then he snaked his hands around the virgin college girl Pari’s waist and started kissing her neck beneath her hair and around her shoulders, which made Pari lose control with the extreme pleasure they were giving. And she moaned in Ankush’s mouth.

After sharing kisses for god knows how much time, they left the heavily breathing virgin babe Pari on the sofa they had seated before and enjoyed her blissful looks of her.

This was how it started between them. I will tell you the remaining story where they made Pari their dream woman and how she enjoyed it completely. English sex stories from ONSporn

Please foresee any mistakes as I am not very experienced in this, and requesting to not criticize heavily.

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