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The look on her face was frantic, her motions frenetic as she exited her office.

Somehow I knew she would be approaching my desk.

“Hey Sheryl, what’s up?” I asked, removing my headphones and trying to remain calm. I already dreaded the answer.

“There is a major outage with the health service cloud, bunch of our customer sites are down.” said our CEO again in a panic-stricken voice.

As I absorbed those words — words feared and loathed by developers everywhere — I opened the file where I suspected I’d find the culprit. I had a pretty good guess: the one I had just deployed to our production environment. Before long, our phone began to ring, the oncology clinics that depend on our software to care for their patients every bit as frantic as our CEO.

I quickly fixed the bug and committed the changes, watching anxiously as our deploy script spat out its log messages. I switched back to my web browser and refreshed. The page loaded successfully, and I went outside for some fresh air. I paced back and forth in front of our building, my hunched shoulders refusing to relax. The weight I felt on my chest constrained my breathing.

“Hey Tarun, is everything ok?”

My co-worker Sunita approached with gleaming eyes. She is one of cute ones at work. I suddenly got a hold of myself and tried hard not to look like an idiot in front of her.

Sunita is 26 and she is one of the developers I work with. She wore a pearly satin blouse shot with threads of silver. He breasts were scarcely covered, and from there the gown fell short of her knees in a beautiful sweep of cloth.

[Image: 94237475_sanjana-latest-hot-thighs-show-...irt-14.jpg]

See the picture above to get an idea on how Sunita looks like and how she likes to dress up to work.

“Everything is fine… just a minor issue with the site, it’s OK now.”

“Jegan and I are going to get something to eat, do you want to join us?”

Jegan is my close friend. Sunita and Jegan have been going out for a year now. Lucky bastard, I wish I saw Sunita before Jegan did. Jegan takes life very seriously. He falls in love so quickly and he has a very innocent idea when it comes to sex before marriage. So based on what I know about my close friend Jegan I know they haven’t been having any sex ever since they got serious in their relationship.

“No… I still have a bunch of things to do to make sure the issue doesn’t resurface again. You guys carry on”. Last thing I want to see is this two getting lovey-dovey in front of me.

“Alright, some other time then.”

Sunita flicked her hair and turned around and started walking away from me in her high heels swaying her perfectly firm ass left and right. My mind was hypnotized looking and following the movement of her ass. She is very good dresser and sometimes I think she doesn’t know how vulgar these skimpy outfits makes her look. Indian girls when they come to US they think they can just wear anything they want. While it sounds liberating and forward thinking even people who were born and brought up here don’t wear skimpy outfits like this to work, if you know what I mean. English sex stories from ONSporn

I walked back to my office to see my CEO waiting for me.

“Thank you so much for taking care of the issue. You always come through!”

Next day

It was 9:30am Friday. Time for the weekly status meeting. I pulled myself from my office with a black coffee in my hand and walked towards the conference room.

It was a nice summer day in San Francisco, but the weather can get tricky in the city. Even during peak summer it feels like you are in a nice hill station.

As I crossed the hallway to join my co-worker Suresh, I saw this new girl I’ve seen before.

I asked Suresh, “Machi, who is this new girl.”

“I have no idea, but looks like a “kudumba figure” (homely girl)

She had unusually long hair, and wore a tight jeans and a buttoned down shirt. As she passed us I tried to look at her and smile and she just turned away and kept walking. Suresh and I looked at each other and thinking, what’s wrong with her.

We both entered conference room.

Project Manager: “Thanks for joining us guys. Since we have a new member today lets do a quick round of introduction.”

“Hey I am Tharun, lead architect, machine learning and internet of shit things”

Everyone giggled and the introduction continued… it was the new girls turn.

“Hi, My name is Vani and I am a Software Engineer and I work for Zipro”.

“You can be little louder, we can’t hear you and we have people on the phone as well” Project Manager with his shitty tone.

Now it made sense, Zipro is our offshore partner in Chennai. She is probably here on a short term engagement to help us out with this project.

As the meeting went on I can tell the Project Manager was in a really shitty mood and taking jabs at Vani. At some point he literally started yelling at her and I could see Vani was almost about to break into tears.

In an effort to take the focus off Vani I said.

“Tom if you don’t mind I can take a look at the design and see if Vani can help refactor the code sooner.”

“Tharun, you already have your plates full and Sheryl (our CEO) doesn’t like it when I ask you to do stuff without consulting her

“It’s OK, this won’t take too long, I am sure Vani can get up-to-speed with the new design I have in mind.” I looked at Vani and nodded at her.

Tom, “OK man, it’s your call. Don’t blame me if you have to sit here all night to fix this and meet the deadline. We need this to be done by Monday EoD.

Vani looked at me, I can see she was some what relieved.

“Vani, please see me after this meeting”

The reminder of the meeting I can’t help but check Vani out. He hair was all messed up like she had a head bath and never straightened her in her life. It was unusually long. English sex stories from ONSporn

She is not dark but not too fair and since she is from chennai she looked like a typical  girl. She had a very good complexion. Her sharp sharp nose was very symmetrical and she had cute dimples on both cheeks when she occasionally forced a smile. Her neck was long and slender. She wore a tight buttoned down shirt, which struggled to keep her spectacular breasts in place. The buttons where about to pop around her breasts and when she turned you can see through the opening that revealed her bra.

I am normally very picky about girls, but I felt I am really attracted to her for some reason.

Suresh shook me to bring me back to earth, “dude where were you? Lets go the meeting is over.”

“Vani, can you please swing by my office?”

“Sure, thank you so much for helping me”. “I have meeting with my Zipro team lead and I have back to back meetings until 4pm”

“OK I am free wt 4pm, I’ll see you”


Vani walked into my office… looking like a school girl walking into a principles office.
“Grab a seat”. I pointed at the small table in my office.
Vani looked through the window and I can tell she was amazed at the view of the city when her big beautiful eyes even become wider.
“Great view huh?.. have you been to the bay area?”

“No this is my first time here.”

“Oh great, you must have plans over the weekend to take a look at the city.”

“No, I don’t know anyone here. Also I go back to my hotel room, I have to cook and call my husband”

“Oh you are married?” I didn’t realize I was not able to control the shock in my voice.

“Yeah, 8 months now”

As I pulled a chair next to her to sit I noticed her Thaali (mangal sutra) so thick on her neck. Wow who wears Thaali (mangal sutra) these days and this thick, I thought to myself.

I pulled a chair next to her and I had a crazy idea. I never saw her standing to see how her body looks.

“Vani, can you please go to the white board and start jotting down items that needs to be prioritized”

She walked to the board and started writing…

I was mesmerized by how firm her ass was. She wore a tight jean that made her ass look like an apple bottom. Her hips where so thin and when she raised her arm to write on the board I can see the side of her breast. I can feel an eruption in my pants and I was trying hard not pull out my cock and start fucking her.

“Tharun, this is it”

“Alright thanks!” After 30 minutes going through the code I knew redesigning this won’t take too much time, re-writing the code for her will take a week at least. There is no way she could complete this by Monday.

“Hey so what happens if you don’t deliver this by Monday”

“My company will really fire me and send someone else here. She almost appeared like she is almost about to cry.”

Took me 15mins to come up with a new design and I showed her.

“Thank you so much Tharun!!”

“Listen I think we need to start coding now, I know it’s not my job but I can help you.”

I gave her a small portion of the code and I started coding. After the next few hours we have a fully working code.


“OK, so I don’t want to get excited until the code works and all the test cases succeeds” I said as I looked at her gleaming eyes. I can tell she is happy coding is done but I am nervous if it will work.

I compiled and executed the test script.

Test Case 1.. executing

done.. SUCCESS

Test Case 2.. executing

done.. SUCCESS

Test Case 3.. executing

done.. SUCCESS

Test Case 4.. executing

done.. SUCCESS

“OK so far so good, we just have 634 test cases. I guess we just have to wait and watch.

I stretched my neck and I felt the pain as I was sitting in the same position coding.

“Tharun, are you ok?”

“Yeah, my neck I think I sprained. I can’t turn.”

“OMG, let me take a look”

She quickly got behind me and started poking my neck and asked where it hurts.

“It’s OK Vani”

“Tharun, please trust me. I am an expert in this. Like you are an expert in coding.”

In few moments she found the spot and twisted my head to relieve the tension.

“Oh wow… how did you…”

“Yeah, I know few things about Accu Pressure massage.” “If you don’t mind I can help with your stiff neck since I just released the sprain it will be sore”

Without waiting for my permission she reaches to my front and unbutton the top button and pulled my shirt down and started applying calculated pressure with her thumb to work her thumbs deep into my neck and shoulder muscle. English sex stories from ONSporn

“Tharun, do you go to gym a lot”

“No I just lift free weights at home, why did you ask me?”

“Nothing, just curious”

I am sure she noticed how ripped my muscles are…

After few minutes her laptop went BEEEEEPPPP….!!!

We both looked at the monitor feverishly…

Test Case 632.. executing

done.. SUCCESS

Test Case 633.. executing

done.. SUCCESS

Test Case 634.. executing

done.. SUCCESS

Test Case Script Completed

0 Warnings 633 SUCCESS 1 FAILURE

“OMG, this is soooo great!” Vani literaly jumped up and down as I watched her breasts jiggle up and down in the oppsosite direction.

“Well we have 1 test case that failed.” 

“Tharun, please I’ll take care of that after I go home. You have helped me a lot already. I don’t know how to thank you, you saved my job!!” Tears in her eyes ready to roll down.

“Don’t be silly, this is nothing. Just call me if you need any help.”


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