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I am Jai Prakash, Jai for my family and Prakash for others. I am now 35 and I would like to narrate my readers about what happened with me a year ago. English sex stories from ONSporn

I work in a Private Company and also won a Gym in Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi. As I was a fitness wreck since my school days I got trained in many gyms and finally opened my own along with serving in a company in Lodhi Garden itself. Morning 5 to 8 and evening 7 to 9 and on weekends I was attending to members in the gym.

I got married three years back and my wife from Nagpur was my parent’s choice. With my 6 abs physique I naturally wanted a healthy girl with big boobs and sexy looks. But parents had other family ideas and urged me to marry a nearby relative who was very orthodox. To be frank I just had sex with her but could not get any satisfaction with her lemon sized boobs and skinny figure. But I resigned to fate as that was what my parents decided is good for me. Last year my wife became pregnant and I sent her to Nagpur to her parents for delivery when she completed her sixth month.

Now, I go back by few months. One day I saw a lady clad in Shawl, face only was open and was in our society park sitting alone looking at her mobile. I was on a walk with my pregnant wife in the evening. That lady smiled at my wife and both waved to each other. I asked my wife if she knew that lady. She told me that the lady is a new comer to the society and all met in a kitty party held few days back. By looks she didn’t look like an Indian as she had almost red complexion. My wife continued to tell me that her name is Sudha and she is from Western Punjab, her husband is in army at borders, comes home once in three to four months.

After a week, when I returned home, Sudha was sitting at my home. My wife introduced us and surprisingly she extended her hand. We shook hands and I felt her hand very warm and soft. Then we three had snacks and tea and she left. I was observing her all along. She was extremely beautiful. Her face was shining and eyes sparkling but she was wearing her black shawl. But her complexion, soft cheeks, red lips were enough indications to tell her beauty. After that almost alternate I used to see her at my home with my wife. On the baby shower day of my wife also she had come to attend. Always invariably she would be inside her thick shawl. So I had no occasion to see her figure. Anyway I didn’t also pay much attention.

Before my wife left for her mother’s place Sudha had called us for dinner. She was a very good cook and had prepared very delicious meals. We had wine and dinner. Before leaving she told me to feel free and ask if I need any help or to come over to her place or to tell her if I need lunch or dinner. I thanked her and she gave her phone number. All along of course she was in her usual black shawl.

Next day my wife left Delhi to her mother’s place. I went to office and had lunch at Canteen. I was not spending more time in gym as my wife was not at home. A few days later at night the bell rang and Sudha was at door with a casserole and told that she had prepared Chole, Bature and thought of sharing with me. I invited her and she enquired about my wife. I opened wine and we sat sipping wine while I ate the delicious Chole. We had two glasses. I could roughly imagine that she had huge boobs. She just smiled and left with a good night. Whole night her big boobs was haunting me. Morning when I was about to prepare my breakfast Sudha rang the bell. I opened and yes, she was there, with a tiffin box and told that she had prepared my breakfast and also lunch box for which my wife had requested her to help me. Yes she was clad in shawl as usual. I thanked and a bit angry on my wife for troubling that lady. Simultaneously I was glad that I could see that beauty daily. English sex stories from ONSporn

This became a routine for her to bring me breakfast, packed lunch box, but I used to prepare my own dinner or save some from Lunch box. Few days later I got a call from Sudha asking me to have dinner at her place as she didn’t want to celebrate her birthday alone! What an occasion to meet her at her own home! Hurriedly I want to a nearby mall, bought an expensive perfume, a chiffon nightie and a watch along with a bouquet.

I took bath, dressed well and reached her flat at half past eight. She opened door with a big smile and welcomed me by holding my hand up to the sofa. I wished her a very happy birthday and gave the presents I had brought. She thanked me and when I opened my arms for a warm hug she didn’t hesitate but hugged me in a light embrace. Still her shawl was on.

She bought two glasses and back label. As her husband was in army it was perhaps common to treat guests with drink. We sat on sofa with drinks, and fried cashew nuts, and chicken. She was asking me about my wife and her health, saying that my wife is very lucky to get a child and have a husband lime me. I was trying to impress her as much as possible with my looks and talks. When we picked up our third peg she was bit drowsy but we were enjoying the party. At that time she didn’t care to put about her huge boobs visible as a big mound through the rather a thin blouse and saree this time. My roving eyes found out that she had no bra inside. Every time she bent to pick up an eatable her boob was oozing out of the plunging neckline and nipples piercing through the cloth. I was getting excited uncontrollably.

Then we sat for dinner. She was very good cook and I relished the dinner in between silly talks. After dinner we sat on the sofa and this time she sat on the sofa. I didn’t know what to talk. Had full meals, wine and the atmosphere with dim light was intoxicating?

After dinner she went to the bedroom and changed to a pink satin gown and sat in front of me on the opposite sofa. The nightie was halter neck type with flimsy triangle just covering her nipples and areolas. She had closed her eyes, her boobs were erect, huge with nipples protruding from the nightie as she was not wearing bra. Her full breasts from sides and the cleavage were completely visible without any cover while those sharp nipples were visible were eager to bounce out., She crossed her legs and bent to pick up another cup of drink when her nightie opened up exposing her melons. She didn’t care to correct it. It was difficult for me to control by bulge. Seeing my difficulty she laugher and came near me. “feeling some problem yeah?” she asked smilingly and placed her hand on my bulge. She pulled my pant zipper, released the belt and freed my 8 inch penis. I Kept my left hand around her neck on to her left bare shoulder. On my slight pull she yielded and rested her head on my right shoulder. I raised her head and there was big hunger in her half open eyes. I kissed on her eyes and then Sudha pulled me to her lips, to her mouth and then to her tongue. We melted in the heat, our tongues danced together. We exchanged our saliva which further excited both of us. I slid my hand inside her gown and cupped her breasts. Her left hand was now on my bulge slowly caressing. I pulled the know of the nightie on her nape and her unbelievably huge, round, erect boobs were out. She prompted me to squeeze her boobs and nipple. She removed her gown and pulled my face on to her hot melons. I dug my face in the valley. Her body was like ivory smooth, absolutely no hair anywhere including her secret places, looked like a baby skin. I suffocated in between those huge hot breasts. I shifted to take her nipples in my mouth simultaneously squeezing the other nipple. Sudha was holding my phallus and stroking all along and my big balls. English sex stories from ONSporn

I was rock hard by that time. But the lady was not ready. She pushed my head down. Widening her thighs she urged me to dig my face in between. Her skin was silky smooth and had absolutely no hair like a new born baby. I dug my face in the pink valley and stretching the two butterflies on either sides of her slip I inserted my tongue deep. She was wet and very hot. I continued to lick her Clitoris and all over the walls of her Vagina, her perineum and inserted fingers to stimulate. Initially she was moaning and then was almost convulsing, shaking and pushing my head deeper and deeper. Sudha started to shout loudly and then further widened her long thighs, kept her legs on my back and pulled me inwards giving more access ho her burning hole. My tongue was now deep inside the dark, steaming tunnel with soapy, slippery walls. The sweetness was too much to further wait. I shifted my mouth to her mouth giving a taste of her own fragrance and sweetness. We kissed unending, twisting and turning our mouth, tongue in and out. Her hands played on my huge shaft and big balls sending me to shivering excitement. I had never had this intense experience. She pushed her nipples into my hungry mouth again and again alternately. I rubbed her erect clitoris and she shivered uncontrollably clutching my head and moaning loudly.

I was getting ready to enter but that sexy goddess was not ready. She pushed me down and came on me in 69 position centering her pussy exactly one my mouth and holding my phallus in her soft hands. She stroked the full length and was gently rubbing my big balls. I dug my tongue in to her wet, overflowing cunt and started to lick her lovely sweet juices. She was licking the pink straw berry on my penis and all along the length. Then slowly she inserted my phallus in her hot mouth and lowered millimeter by millimeter till her lips touched my testicles. That ensured my penis was completely inside her burning mouth, her tongue was playing round and round on my shaft, stop for a while and lick my seeds. I felt like bursting but controlled.

I continued to lick her thumb sized clitoris, sucked and rubbed the inside walls of her vulva. Half an hour of intense 69 position sex, she was now urging me or say, was begging me to enter her. I was too pleased to oblige her and the entry was rather smooth as her vagina was almost flooding with her squirt juices and my pre-cum. We kissed; I fondled her huge melons and simultaneously fucked her in slow motion, fast motion and changing rhythm. She clung to me like a baby monkey, her hands digging my back and legs around my thighs pulling me deeper. I came deep inside her burning hole in spasms which also looked never ending. All my stock was emptied in her. Only when we disengaged I realized that I had not used any protection. I told her but she laughed it away and closing my mouth with her whispered never to even think of protection. She kissed me with gratitude. We fell asleep soon hugging tightly. Our bodies were clinging from head to toe. Cheek on cheek, mouth in mouth, her huge breasts on my six abs, our thighs intertwining, arms around each other.

May be it was midnight and I was in sleep with her hard breasts rubbing against my chest. Suddenly I felt some hand on my penis and slowly Sudha had started to lick my balls. My tool immedialy sprang up to its ultimate hardness. Satisfied, Sudha came on me, centering herself with her legs on my either sides and inserted slowly on to my erect pillar. She ensured full penetration by putting her finger in the space between her pussy and my penis. My balls were touching her perineum and that ensured that I was fully inside her. Her valley was damn hot and she was burning with desire. The sex siren that she was started to move up and down, fucking me slowly and firmly. Her too big boobs moving up and down but not moving more as she had firm tight breasts. I held them with my hand and caressed the nipple. She cried in happiness and increased her speed. She would hug me for rest pressing her boobs on my chest and exchange of carbon di oxide from my mouth in long wet kisses for breathing. She was shivering each time she had orgasm. In the final phase she came down and pulled me on to her. Now it was my turn. I fucked her slowly in an established rhythm, gyrating, pulling and pushing. Her hands rested on my hips. May be on our millionths kiss I came deep inside her filling the valley completely.

As ours was a newly constructed apartment I had no neighbors on my flat and Sudha also had not neighbors. The floor was vacant except our me in my apartment and her in hers. So I shifted with my clothes to her flat next morning. I stayed in her flat and we mated daily several times. After fifteen days she got phone call that her husband would be coming for few days. I was unhappy but she was very happy. She explained that with her husband here for few days, she can easily say that our child was born to her husband, although she had not yet conceived for sure. I laughed with her idea and returned to my flat. English sex stories from ONSporn

I was just waiting for her husband to return to barracks. In between once she invited me for dinner. It was full booze and my favorite dishes added with her hungry looks, and ample skin display. I thanked the couple and returned late. The Col returned after fifteen days. In the morning. Within an hour Sudha called me and we mated like sex starving snakes. It didn’t take much time for the expected to happen. After a month of unending sex she announced over a cup of wine that my child is about to arrive from her womb.

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