Lonely Hot Wife and The Handsome Stranger (English sex stories from ONSporn)

This story is about Ridhi, a lonely hot wife and a handsome stranger. English sex stories from ONSporn

The winter sun was at its peak. Its warmth filled the air as Ridhi walked down the park. The winter chill gave her cheeks a glowing pink shade. Her tiny nose red with the cold and her lips all red and shiny.

She rubbed her hands together as she sat down on a bench, trying to warm up her hands. The park was full of autumn leaves and with couples holding hands. Ridhi sat alone trying to enjoy her own company.

She always enjoyed the sunset at this park where she used to come with her husband before he moved out of the country to increase their business. It was their wedding anniversary and he had forgotten.

“Can I sit by your side? If that is okay?” asked a stranger.

Ridhi looked up to the stranger. He was a young, tall guy with an amazingly sharp jawline.

“Yes please” replied Ridhi while sliding herself to one corner of the bench.

“such a beautiful sunset” he said while looking upon the view. The sun was letting out its painful clusters of crimson light as a goodbye to all. Indeed, it was a sight to see.

Ridhi and the stranger both sat gazing at the view. She looked at the handsome stranger. His skin white as snow in winter, the light beard around his jaw line and the dimple on his cheek when he smiled, all were characteristics of a handsome man.

As darkness grew, the lonely hot wife got up.

“It was nice meeting you,” said Ridhi with a smile as she walked away. The handsome stranger stared as she walked away. The softness in her voice had a different warmth. She was a hot sexy girl with sparkling eyes.

Ridhi went to the nearby grocery shop. She needed to refill her kitchen. Walking with the grocery basket to the counter she admired all the men who were there with their partners, holding grocery bags for them yet here she was alone going through with it by herself.

Her house was a little far away from the shop and she cursed herself for not bringing her car. As she walked down the street she felt tired from holding all the heavy load. Struggling with it, she put the bags down for a while looking around for a taxi cab.

The lonely hot wife felt tears rising up as the darkness filled the street with no one to help her.

“do you need help with this?” asked a voice. To her surprise it was the same stranger. Along with comfort, she felt a sudden fear. Was this guy following me all along? is it a coincidence? What is he doing here? English sex stories from ONSporn

The stranger felt the uneasiness on Ridhis face, realising that it might be because of his sudden appearance.

“No no it’s not what you think it is. I live 2 streets down. I was about to walk home when I saw you. a lovely lady like you shouldn’t be carrying such heavy bags all by herself. Please let me help!” Requested the stranger.

Ridhi calmed down a little. The way the stranger was dressed made it pretty sure he belongs to a good family.

“Yes please I would like some help” replied Ridhi.

As the lonely hot wife and the stranger walked home, she told him about how her husband has been away for almost a year.

The stranger felt sad for the lonely hot wife as no one in their right mind would ever leave such a beautiful lady alone.

As they reached the house, Ridhi opened the door for them. “please come inside” she requested.

The stranger along with the grocery bags entered inside while looking around. It was a warm cosy house with a fireplace at the center and a comfortable sofa around it.

They both walked into the kitchen where the stranger placed the bags on the table. “let me make some coffee for both of us as a gesture to thank you for helping me” said Ridhi while taking off her coat.

The handsome stranger stared at her body. Underneath the coat she wore a t- shirt and fitted jeans. She had a hot body with amazingly heavy breasts and a nice bouncy ass. It felt weird to stare. The handsome stranger took off his coat as well since the inside was comparatively warm. His strong body, clear under his sweatshirt.

Ridhi walked around the kitchen, getting the coffee ready. She was well aware of the stare. The handsome stranger followed her body with his gaze. She was a beauty.

The cold and their loneliness turned on a flame between them both failing to resist. The lonely hot wife for the first time in years felt the craving rise inside her. To be touched, to be loved again.

As they sipped on their coffee, the handsome stranger could only think of kissing the lonely hot wife. Her red lips covered from the coffee froth only made him desire her more. To sip her lips and taste them.

The handsome stranger stared at her lips with lust. Ridhi felt her cheeks blush as she after such a long time felt noticed. He got up while placing the empty cup on the table. English sex stories from ONSporn

“thank you for the coffee. It was very nice of you to offer “he said.

“you are most welcome. Thank you for helping me” she replied back while they walked out to the door.

Noticing few electric wires lying around the handsome stranger asked “do you need any help with the work? I can come back tomorrow if you want me to”

Ridhi felt happy inside “I would love that” she replied.

They both said goodbye as the handsome stranger left. Ridhi was once again alone but happy. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow. It had been long since she had a man around her let alone a handsome one.

Ridhi went to bed early since she wanted to look fresh for tomorrow. Waking up early she cleaned all around, getting the place ready. As the clock ticked faster, the lonely hot wife took a long shower, preparing her body.

The time was passing fast as she waited by the window for the handsome stranger. Her heart sank deeper as she saw the sun set but no one near her door. The cold around her felt worse.

The lonely hot wife walked into her lounge as she saw the fire getting dim. It needed more wood. Ridhi went to the store to get some extra. On her return she found a shadow peeking.

Scared she walked closer to the shadow realizing it was the handsome stranger.

“Sorry I got late, my car broke down” he said with an apologetic expression while getting up.

“let me help you” he said while taking the logs from her hand.

All the anger vanished as soon as he smiled at her.

“it has gotten dark, you can help later. Thank you so much for taking out time. Let me make some coffee, its cold” she said while walking into the kitchen.

The handsome stranger followed her. He stood by her as she made coffee. Her body smelled of freshly brewed coffee, fresh and refreshing, making it very difficult for him to resist.

The handsome stranger walked in closer to Ridhi. Inhaling her fragrance. Ridhi turned around staring into his eyes. Their hearts raced as he held her face in his warm hands.

“You are very beautiful, Ridhi” said the handsome stranger.

The lonely hot wife felt her body shiver as he brought his lips to hers. Holding her trembling lips in between his. The handsome stranger gently kissed her, unfolding her lips in turns. Ridhi felt her body getting numb.

It had been so long since she had tasted the lips of a man. The handsome stranger pulled the lonely hot wife closer to his body, feeling her heart beating faster as he bit on her lip. His tongue slowly peeking in her mouth. Their tongues touched, sending chills down her spine.

Ridhi was totally lost in the kiss when the water kettle whistled, breaking their spell.

The handsome stranger turned off the flame, picking up Ridhi in his arms he walked in to the lounge. He looked into her eyes as he took off her shirt slowly, undressing her and taking his shirt off afterwards. Ridhi stared at his body, muscular and strong. English sex stories from ONSporn

She felt his strong hands on her waist pulling her closer to him once again, their bodies touching. Her nipples erect against his hard chest. The handsome stranger traced his lips around her neck. Ridhi closed her eyes, enjoying his touch on her body.

His soft lips moved down to her breasts. Her body craved and ached to be loved. The handsome stranger left a trail of love bites on her breasts as he moved to her erect nipples.

The lonely hot wife felt the handsome stranger move his hand down her waist, in between her legs. He slid his finger slowly between her wet pussy lips, feeling her wetness.

Her nipples were trapped between his teeth and his finger between her pussy. As they laid down besides the fireplace, the handsome stranger covered her body with his. Their naked bodies, touching each other.

Ridhi felt her body being explored by the stranger’s lips. He left no part of her body unexplored with his lips. It was time to explore more. His hard dick rested between her pussy, making Ridhi restless.

The lonely hot wife wrapped her legs around the handsome stranger wishing to feel his dick go inside her wet throbbing pussy. Seeing her restless, he entered her pussy with a jerk while holding her close to him.

She moaned as she felt his dick go deeper inside, filling her emptiness. Their shadows danced on the wall as he moved in and out of her. Their lips tangled with one another as their bodies moved in a rhythm of pleasure.

Ridhi had forgotten how it felt to be desired and to be full of love. The handsome stranger cupped her breasts with his strong hands, rubbing and massaging them along with pinching her nipples. She moaned as she had never before. English sex stories from ONSporn

Her moans made the handsome stranger move with a greater face, finishing inside her. Her pussy filled with his cum as he pulled out his dick while still lying on top of her. Ridhi was out of breath but still smiling. The lonely hot wife was for once not lonely anymore.

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